What You Should Know About 3PL Fulfillment In 2023

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A 3PL fulfillment service generally helps retailers and ecommerce businesses with storage, fulfillment, shipping, and other types of logistics services. When a company begins to expand, its day-to-day operations might become too complex to manage internally. This article will give you an overview of what 3PL fulfillment services are poised to do in 2023.

What Will 3PL Fulfillment Services Do in 2023?

Inventory Control

When a 3PL moves your products into inventories, they will also tag, scan, and enter updated details into their stock management system to help offer you real-time updates and stock insights regardless of where your inventory is in the middle of the order fulfillment process. This helps your firm and the 3PL company maintain tracking of goods (ensuring that no inventory is lost) and offer tracking information to your consumers.


A 3PL will typically have one or more warehouses to store your products in perfect condition until a consumer places an order. These facilities are outfitted with shelves, racks, pallet storage sections, bins, and in certain instances, temperature-controlled rooms (for chilled/frozen fruit, etc.), high-value cages, and more.

Picking and Packing

When an order is placed on your website or ecommerce platform, the 3PL company will retrieve the products from their warehouse and pack them in the appropriate packaging materials (boxes, containers, bags, etc.) so that they are ready for shipment. The majority of 3PLs will select the most appropriate and cost-effective packaging/wrapping for your products, or provide you with the opportunity to employ bespoke packaging solutions.


By linking with your ecommerce channels, 3PLs will also have access to the proper shipment details for each order placed on your online store, and will be able to print the appropriate shipping labels once products are packed. 

Most third-party logistics providers have an established system of carrier partners who collect from their facility many times each day. You may let your 3PL partner choose the most cost-effective delivery method for each order placed, or you can opt-in to specific shipping options.

Returns Management

The majority of 3PLs provide return handling services to their clients. With this arrangement, the third-party logistics provider will handle all your returns. Customers will return items to a 3PL site, where fulfillment employees will verify the legitimacy of the return and, if genuine, restock the item.

Inventory Administration

Additionally, tech-enabled 3PLs will supply you with an advanced inventory management system. These solutions are intended to provide you with visibility, transparency, and control over your  inventory, as well as specific inventory information you can utilize to expand your company operations.

Why You Should Switch to a 3PL Fulfillment Service


By definition, a 3PL is intimately familiar with the logistics business. They are in a position to assist your organization in establishing and executing an advanced logistics plan that is tailored to your company’s size, budget, market, and needs. Ecomhalo’s expertise as a 3PL company will execute all of your logistic needs so that you can focus on building your brand.

Logistics Partners

3PL service providers like Go Freight Hub often collaborate with industry-leading partners that bring value to their offerings and complete assistance for your business operations. For instance, 3PLs will have strong partnerships with major US parcel carriers like DHL.

Many 3PLs also work with startups as well as established businesses in the broader ecommerce sector, including digital agencies, card issuers, packaging firms, and others. By collaborating with a third-party logistics provider, you may often obtain discounted access to these associated services.

The Bottom Line

A 3PL provider can help save your firm’s money, effort, and time, enabling you to concentrate on product design, advertising, and business expansion. Finding the best order fulfillment firm is vital to ensuring that your inventory is properly managed, your customers are satisfied, and your business continues to grow.

If you are ready to take the next step and move your freight with a tech-driven 3PL company having years of experience in a myriad of industries, contact Go Freight Hub now for a quick quote!

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