What’s Causing the CBD Market in Canada to Grow Year After Year?

To say that the CBD market in Canada is thriving is a bit of an understatement. No, the CBD market is doing more than just thriving, it’s growing and evolving every day. More and more people are joining in the hype as both customers and sellers. At this point, it would be weird to not being able to find CBD products nearby.

CBD or cannabidiol – what is it?

CBD or cannabidiol is a natural compound that is occurring in hemp plants. It offers many health benefits to the users without causing severe side effects that we know of. Today, CBD is considered one of the best medications for people who are suffering from certain ailments. Not only that, but CBD is also popular among recreational users. It helps them to relax and chill after work or exercise.

Not to be confused with THC, which contains psychoactive properties, CBD is not intoxicating. This is why CBD is considered to be more accessible and mainstream compared to THC. Some CBD products contain a tiny amount of THC, however, so if you are planning to avoid THC completely, you need to choose the product carefully.

Why does the CBD market in Canada keep growing?

There are plenty of factors that make the CBD market in Canada is always growing. And here are some factors that you should know.

CBD is legal in Canada

Under the Cannabis Act which regulates the entire production, distribution, sale, and possession of cannabis in Canada, we can learn that CBD is legal under certain circumstances. The Act itself aims to accomplish three goals: keep cannabis out of the hands of youth, protect public health and safety by allowing adults to access legal cannabis, and keep profits out of reach from criminals.

Producing and selling CBD products in Canada can be done legally as long as the people involved meet the requirements. First, you must possess a processing license to manufacture products containing or infused with CBD for sale, no matter what the source of CBD is. And thee products can only be sold by a provincially authorized cannabis retailer and/or federally licensed seller of cannabis for medicinal users.

The quality of CBD products is satisfactory

As you may already know, you can’t cut corners when it comes to CBD products. It’s generally not a good idea to opt for cheaper products just for the sake of saving some money. Because then you might risk yourself by consuming a low-quality CBD product, which may or may not be contaminated by pollutants.

Fortunately, Canada has a lot of high-quality CBD products on the market. Canadians are encouraged to only buy products that use hemp plants grown in Canada. Not only that, but Canadians also have a vast number of options, either from online or brick-and-mortar stores. The website CBD Oil Canada Select and similar websites are a logical choice for Canadians.

From CBD oils to edibles, you can find many high-quality products in Canada. You can learn a lot about these products by reading the labels alone, and if you need to know more you can visit the manufacturers’ websites. And of course, since there are so many Canadians who take CBD regularly, you can expect to find dozens if not hundreds of testimonies online. One more thing that you can’t ignore is 3rd party lab test results, which are often provided by reputable manufacturers in Canada.

More and more new products

Do you know what else is exciting for CBD users? Seeing new products on the market. From the recent report, in March 2021 alone, there are more than 11 million packages units of cannabis sold for medical and nonmedical purposes. That is a huge number of units sold in one month. So it’s not surprising to see plenty of new products on the market whenever you check.

People who have been taking CBD for a while will be delighted to find new products that pick their interests. Even people who are the most skeptical of CBD might be lured by this phenomenon, as it means that there are a lot of people who trust and rely on CBD products.

On the seller side, it is also a big positive sign. More new products mean that sellers have a lot of options when it comes to which products to sell. And also, their stores now can help more people, even those who only use very specific products for their needs.


There you have it, some factors that are behind the growing popularity of the CBD market in Canada. The future of the whole industry seems to be in the green. So we can expect that it will stay as strong or even stronger for several years to come.

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