When doing sports, how do you keep your glasses from falling off?

While playing any sport, whether it be badminton, football, baseball, archery, golf, running, cycling, or others, wearing prescription sports glasses can be essential. They can help protect you from damage or dust particles entering your eye. They also help provide users with better eyesight. 

However, what do you need to do to ensure that these glasses don’t fall off when you’re busy doing sports? Going out when you have a pair of prescription glasses can be worrying because you never know when they may fall or break, which can ruin your game and affect your performance. 

So, if you are wondering about ways to prevent your glasses from falling off during any sport, this article is for you. Here, we look at various methods and valuable products to help your glasses stay on while doing any intense sports.   

Tips to keep your glasses from falling off

Firstly, you need to ensure that the glasses fit correctly as per the size of your head. If you are an avid runner or a sportsperson, then investing in a proper pair of prescription sports sunglasses would be the first step. The reason for this is that sports sunglasses are specially designed to be used for sports. They are more durable than conventional glasses and do not break easily. 

The frame has a firm sitting on the ears and contains an adjustable belt which lets you find the perfect fit. In addition, there are certain products help you keep your glasses fit even more snuggly to prevent them from falling.

Products that help to keep on your glasses without falling

Other than just buying high-quality sports glasses, there are some other products that help provide a more unique, secure fitting for your glasses. For prescription sports glasses during sports and running, some recommended products include:

  • Fin Clip

Get yourself a glasses clip. They are easy to install and attach to the arms of the glasses. When you attach it, there will be a hook grip to hold your glasses for a prolonged period of long time without falling. This clip is in high demand as it is used by a lot of sportspersons, bikers, cyclists, and more. 

Fin clips contain an anti-slip finishing that lets the glasses stick to your ears. While using this clip, your glasses have a more secure fit. 

  • Anti-skid nose pad

Another simple solution to solve the problem of glasses falling off is to use an anti-skid nose pad. It comes with its nose pad and ensures that they hold the glasses from falling off. It is tiny, easy to put on, and easy to peel-off. It’s all in all a very convenient product to use. 

While installing it, clean the frame to get rid of oil and smudges. After cleaning, put the nose pad on the glass frame and hold it tight for a couple of minutes to ensure it sticks well on the frame. Once its fit, you can enjoy your sports without having to worry about your glasses falling off.  

  • Wax Coating

Sometimes, sweat is the main reason that your glasses fall off during sports activities. This is because sweat reduces friction. A wax coating is one of the best ways to solve this problem. Wax helps to create more friction between your skin and your glasses. 

Apply the wax to the outline of the glasses, especially on the nose part. This wax makes the glasses stay on longer than normal, even during intense sessions when you sweat a lot. After every use, clean the wax from your skin and the frame to ensure that germs do not accumulate on the applied area.  

  • Glasses straps

Glasses straps are an excellent product to stop glasses from falling. They can also look really nice and be a fashion statement. The straps are available in various colors and materials that allow the users to show their unique styles while wearing their prescription sports sunglasses

These straps are similar to anti-skid wax as they prevent your glasses from falling off when you make a big jump, run, or do any sports. These straps prevent glasses from falling as they are made from high-quality moisture-wicking material with a non-slip loop. 

  • Ear Grips

For those who do not like long straps hanging around their neck all the time an ear grip could be the perfect alternative. Buying ear grips makes excellent sense as these tiny pieces are designed to keep your glasses in place without letting movement cause them to fall off. 

What’s more, ear grips are one of the most affordable items on this list. So it is perfect for people who want a budget friendly option. 

And there you have it, hopefully now you know a little more about some products that can prevent your prescription sports glasses from falling during sports. So, feel free to go ahead and choose one from somewhere like CA Glasses. Good luck!

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