When is the ideal time to hire a truck accident attorney?

2020 had 5,319 fatal semi-truck accidents in the United States. In recent years, this number has increased. Semi-truck accidents are especially lethal due to the weight and size of the trucks involved. Trucking businesses and semi-truck drivers’ carelessness is a major factor in many collisions.

You could need to retain the services of a Waterbury truck accident attorney if you were in an accident involving a semi-truck. Discover the few common instances in which you should contact a semi-truck accident lawyer following a collision by continuing to read. 

Situation #1: When you have sustained injuries

You should consult an accident lawyer as soon as possible if you were hurt in an accident that wasn’t entirely your fault.

This is due to the possibility that you could be entitled to a portion of your losses, even if you were partially to blame for what occurred. Both drivers can be at fault in certain car accidents. You can determine whether you could be eligible for any compensation by consulting with an accident lawyer.

Situation #2: When you have to miss work for your injuries

You need an accident lawyer on your side if your injuries from the collision are so severe that they prevent you from working.

Your lawyer will assist you in demonstrating that the accident prevented you from working and will assist you in getting your missed income reimbursed. When an injury prevents you from working, your income is lost and your medical expenses continue to mount. Worrying about interacting with an insurance company is the last thing you should be doing.

While you concentrate on getting better, a competent semi-truck accident lawyer will take care of the paperwork.

Situation #3: When you require continuous treatment

You must get the services of a truck accident attorney if you were hurt in one and will need continuous medical attention.

If the semi-truck driver has complex injuries that need long-term care, the insurance company will probably look into them more closely. If your claim is being handled by an insurance adjuster, they can try to minimize its value or make the argument that you don’t require medical attention. In an attempt to discredit your treating physician, the insurance company might even send one of its doctors to work for them.

You shouldn’t attempt to prove on your own that serious injuries have a higher likelihood of causing lifelong impairments. 

Situation #4: When the insurance firm is making excuses to pay

You should contact an attorney if the insurance company has denied your claim regarding the semi-truck driver and you have not received payment.

Insurance companies frequently use this strategy to try and get you to disappear by rejecting claims or making lowball settlement offers. By retaining a semi-truck accident attorney, you can demonstrate to them your seriousness and legal awareness.

Did you get into a collision with a semi-truck?

You should contact a semi-truck accident lawyer right away if you were involved in a collision with a semi-truck and any of the aforementioned situations apply to your case. It is best to hire legal counsel for your case as soon as possible.

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