Where to Cast the Best Portuguese Voice-Over

Why choose a foreign voice actor, in this case, a native Portuguese speaker? Why not just work with any narrator who can perform a Portuguese impression? After all, the ability to set intonation has no nationality. Here’s why:

Benefits of a Portuguese Voice-Over

Portuguese voice actors are essential for all kinds of content. For example, you might need them to compose a video broadcast in Portugal or provide dubbing for movies and TV series. The advantages of working with a Portuguese narrator are the following:

  • Knowledge of Portuguese pronunciation.

The native speaker speaks with a natural accent or dialect that is pleasant and familiar to the Portuguese. When listening or watching, people won’t have a feeling of foreignness. Trust in your product automatically increases with a genuine and accurate voice.

  • Understanding of local slang.

Everyone knows that to comprehend Portuguese culture fully, you need to live there. That’s why a Portuguese narrator can help you sell the script as a local, not just to the locals. Only someone with real first-hand experience in the language can use it authentically, and audiences can tell when they are being sold a cheap impression.

What to Keep in Mind

Here we suggest you consider a few rules to help you achieve the best results from working with a Portuguese voice-over.

  • Voice lines in Portuguese can be longer or shorter than in the original language. It’s all about sentence structure and vocabulary. You will likely have to shorten or supplement the text or re-translate the video when dubbing in any other language. A professional translation and localization company can also help guarantee accuracy with a perfect time sync.
  • A native speaker reading from a low-quality translation might understandably refuse to dub the text. And what’s the point of broadcasting a video with linguistic mistakes? Your business image in this country will be irrevocably damaged with cheap translation.
  • It is not enough to find any native Portuguese voice actor. It would be best to consider gender, age, timbre, vocal characteristics, style, tone, and other nuances to connect with your audience. Who are they? And what kind of voice will speak to them the most?

Where to Find Genuine Talent

You can find a Portuguese voice actor on a freelance exchange or invest in professional services, but Voquent provides the best Portuguese voice-over.

Why work with this platform?

  • Fast casting: The site uses a helpful filter system to look for a specific tone or vocal characteristic and listen to demos that feature precisely what you are looking for in a voice actor.
  • Over 1700 accents and dialects to choose from.
  • Audio engineers professionally vet and approve home studios, guaranteeing quality sound.
  • Choose voices in any language, from any region worldwide, with any vocal characteristics.


Finding a professional Portuguese voice actor with the exact type of voice you want can be difficult. However, the Voquent service, where you’ll have the opportunity to choose a suitable Portuguese voice-over after evaluating their demo samples, allows you to search for a specific type of voice and choose one after listening. Get started with Portuguese voice-over today and successfully reach your new audience with accurate nuances and exceptional performances.

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