Where to Find the Best Unique Dab Rigs for Sale

Dabs (sometimes referred to as oil) are quickly taking the cannabis world by storm, and new and experienced users alike are turning to concentrates in hopes of enhancing their smoking experience. It should come as no surprise to anyone who has tasted the fresh delicacy that is cannabis concentrate vapor right off the rig. There’s something about dabbing—the way it preserves the flavor and aroma of fresh cannabis flower, or perhaps the suggested increased bioavailability of the cannabinoids—that people can’t help but love.

Whether you intend to dab recreationally, or you prefer cannabis concentrates, like shatter, wax, and rosin, as your medicinal product of choice, you’ll need a proper setup to get started. Unlike basic pieces, like pipes and water bongs, a proper dab rig can be a bit more difficult to come by. If you look in the right places, though, you can definitely find unique, high-quality dab rigs that fit your budget. Wondering where to find the best unique dab rigs for sale? You have a few options, but shopping online for our cannabis gear and gadgets has never led us astray.

What to Know Before You Buy a Dab Rig

Before you buy a dab rig for personal use, you need to understand that not all rigs are the same. Just like bongs and pipes, each rig has a personality and functionality that is different from the next. They also range greatly in price, and you can spend anywhere from $20 to a small fortune on a dab rig, depending on your needs, preferences, and budget.

The initial differentiation to make is between the e-nail and the standard dab nail. The nail, or the part of the dab rig that is heated in order to consume cannabis oils, is either heated electronically or with a torch. Many people choose the e-nail for convenience, since it can be recharged and will automatically heat without need for a torch.

Still, many people prefer to stick with the traditional nail-and-torch method. Often, this is due to a preference or opinion regarding the finer details of the dabbing experience. For instance, quartz bangers quickly replaced titanium nails because they don’t interfere with the natural terpene profile of the concentrates, which is responsible for much of the flavor and aroma of cannabis. Many people suggest that quartz offers the best tasting dabing experience there is.

When choosing your dab rig, you’ll be faced with many other decisions as well. Some features you may consider include reclaim catchers, domed or domeless bangers, recyclers, glass rigs, or even silicone dab rigs that are great for travel.

Find the Best Unique Dab Rigs for Sale Online

Once you have some sort of idea what you want out of your dab rig, you can shop for rigs online to find some that are pretty unique. Another benefit to shopping online is competitive prices, and many online retailers like Eagle Bongs offer a variety of dab rigs for attractive prices.

If You Must, Shopping Local is Another Option

You can still opt to buy your dab rigs locally instead of ordering online, but this is generally only a suitable option if you have access to a headshop, smokeshop, or other specialty store that has experience with smoking pieces. Many of these stores may carry a decently sized selection, but just make sure to cover your bases before purchasing.

Avoid purchasing a dab rig from a convenience store. If the price of a dab rig seems unreasonably low, there may be a reason. Keep in mind that not all blown or molded glass is the same. Cheaply made glass pieces may have thin walls and be susceptible to breaking under pressure, sometimes even under high heat. Many of these stores order cheap dab rigs in bulk online and do not offer any type of warranty or return policy if the piece breaks.

If you do have a local store that specializes in these types of smoking pieces, try talking to them about their warranty and return policy, as well as the different brands they offer. Take your time and compare to the options you can find online to decide which options better suit you. If you make the right decision, you may find that your new dab rig quickly becomes an integral part of your cannabis routine.

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