Where to Purchase Bitcoin in 2021

While demand for Bitcoin has been growing over the years, identifying a credible BTC market place remains a challenge for many. Besides losing your investment to unscrupulous dealers, it may not be easy for crypto enthusiasts to identify a credible exchange. 

Some of the factors you need to consider   before choosing a credible exchange include, a wide range of digital currencies, variety of payment options and cost effectiveness. 

Here are some of the top platforms you can securely purchase Bitcoin.


Besides low fees and better security features, Coinbase is an ideal platform where you can buy Bitcoin. If you are new in the World of digital currency, then you should try out Coinbase. 

The credibility of the platform is showcased through millions of users the coin base has amassed over the years. However, Coinbase controls a market size of $223 billion and facilitates trading volume of over $ 335 Billion. 

To enjoy the best rates, it’s advisable that you use Coinbase pro which has a better pricing model. However, fees charged are dependent on the funding model used on the platform.


eToro is an ultimate choice for new crypto users. This is attributed to a user-friendly interface which allows users to do a trial before using a real account. The platform comes with free accounts and a copy trading system to assist learners in understanding the ropes. 

Users can test the platform on a trial account loaded with $100000.after learning the ropes, you can proceed to trade on the live account with real dollars. While Bitcoin attracts a low fee of 0.75%, trading other digital currencies may attract higher fees.


Coinmama is one of the largest and most credible platforms where you can buy bitcoin. The platform comes with a wide range of payment options that allows users to purchase Bitcoin instantly. If you are looking for a quickest way to get Bitcoin, then Coinmama is a perfect choice for you. 

Furthermore,coinmama features a fast verification process that allows users to buy a variety of digital currencies once they create an account.


BlockFi  comes with exciting features that are ideal for both new and experienced crypto users. Besides being able to buy bitcoin, users can not only trade without paying any fees but can also borrow and pay with BTC as collateral. 

Other features that users enjoy on the platform include earning interest on holdings, using your bitcoin as collateral to get a loan and earning interest when you deposit bitcoin into an account.


If you are looking for a highly secure platform that you can purchase Bitcoin, then Bisq is an ideal choice for you. The platform comes with decentralized features that enable users to remain anonymous when purchasing BTC. In that case you can easily buy and sell your Bitcoin through an open desktop app. Additionally, it comes with high data protection features through a decentralized network. 

For those interested in remaining anonymous when trading, then Bisq can work perfectly for you. The unique aspect about Bisq is that users do not have to sign up when buying or selling Bitcoin. The fees charged    on transactions is dependent on the mode of payment used by users. 

However, Bisq supports a variety of payment options among them western union, popmoney, bank transfers, Chase Quickpay and many others.

Final Thoughts 

Before diving into an exchange, you must first ascertain whether an exchange is secure. That way you avoid the risk of losing your money. Be that as it may, you should always strike a balance between pricing, cryptocurrency and t payment options. If you are a new crypto investor interested in Bitcoin, then the options highlighted in this article are ideal for you. But there are also mobile apps that benefit crypto trading.     

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