Where do we use Artificial Intelligence today?

Will Smith has accomplished a lot of great achievements but is bringing artificial intelligence into the public consciousness one of his finest achievements? The I, Robot movie, entertained a lot of people and at the same time left a warning about the extremes of AI. But should we really fear AI?

Well…. No. Artificial intelligence is used in countless situations around the globe, for a variety of different situations and programs. We’re yet to implant them into the brains of robots, although that might be closer than we think.

AI is used in far smaller exercises that help humans work to the best of their ability, and beyond. People who work with AI can see the increased efficiencies in their everyday life and are being helped far more than those robots helped anyone in I, Robot movie.

AI in the health sector

Instead of killing, AI can heal. Artificial intelligence is used in healthcare to automate the processes that were once done by humans, which saves time and money. This creates a big business: in fact, a 2020 article called it the fastest growing in the world and the sector is predicted to reach a valuation of $150 billion by 2026.

AI can be used to reduce errors in diagnoses or treatment. It can be used to check symptoms with more accuracy. It can be used to learn things that provide greater insights into modern medicine.

AI in our everyday lives

AI can also be used in more everyday applications, in entertainment, or for lifestyle apps. Google Maps AI can now learn about you and provide insights based on the physical behaviors you carry out. An online casino AI could work out what games you prefer to play and serve you with more of the good stuff; which will keep you playing.

Something as bland and uninspiring as a mortgage could also be influenced by artificial intelligence. People could now be served with reminders to pop into a store and discuss renewing their mortgage after walking past a bank, said CEO of AI company Flybits Dr. Hossein Rahnama. He continued: “If you’re looking at a property for sale and you spend more than 10 minutes there, it will send you a possible mortgage offer.”

We’re seeing things like machine learning become more prevalent, while the rise of driverless cars is predicated on the back of a strong and robust AI system. The automation of jobs might take some work away, but it can also help to construct a new era of business that creates as many jobs as it phases out.


If your entire knowledge of these systems and processes is born on the back of worst-case movies like I, Robot, that’s going to be an intimidating future. But if you step into it confidently, safe in the knowledge that artificial intelligence is influencing life in hundreds of tiny, little positive ways, then that future is going to be an exciting place to live.

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