Where You Can Lend Bitcoin and Get a Profit

Though there are many ways you can generate profit from Bitcoin, lending tops the list as the most secure strategy. All you need is identify a credible lending platform and lend out your BTC to potential borrowers. 

While there are a pool of lending platforms in the world of crypto, determining the right lending market place is still a challenge for many. But finding the right one could be a high growth investment.

Here is a list of the most secure lending platforms that you can lend your BTC to earn interest. 



Besides allowing users to buy and sell Bitcoin at considerably low rates, BlockFi has emerged as one of the best Bitcoin lending platforms in the World of crypto. 

However, BlockFi features a crypto deposit account that has a compound interest feature. This means all interest earned from lending is easily reflected in your earnings. Overtime, the amount of Bitcoin in your account increases gradually.

Users on BlockFi enjoy upto 5% of interest annually from Bitcoin lending. The unique aspect about the platform is that users can be paid from a variety of cryptocurrencies supported by the platform. This is contrary to other lending platforms where users strictly get paid the same digital currency they may have lent out to borrowers.



YouHodler enables users to generate profit by simply holding their coins. All you need to do is deposit BTc or any other cryptocurrency to be entitled to a 12% interest plus weekly payments.

 However, Youhodler  favors both experienced and new crypto investors looking for a hustle free way of generating profit from their digital currency. In addition to BTC, you can as well make deposits in fiat currencies to the YouHodler account. Upon depositing funds in your account, you can easily convert it to a digital currency of your choice.

Some of the unique aspects about the lending platform is that account holders enjoy weekly payments, instant withdrawals and no fee charged for making withdrawals.




The concept behind Hodlnaut is to offer better interest rates and secure lending platforms for users. All you need is sign up for a free account and generate profit from your BTC. In that case you are entitled to the best interest rates which are compounded every first day of the week.



The Celsius network allows users to generate interest from lending out over 20 types of cryptocurrencies. 

Additionally, you can easily earn interest by simply holding a Celsius token in your account. Users who earn in Celsius token enjoy upto 30% interest from their digital assets.

The lending platform features a wide range of digital currencies coupled with an annual interest of 105 on BTC.

Other exciting features about the  Celsius lending network is that in addition to lack of withdrawal and deposit charges, users can withdraw all their earnings without restrictions.

Binance Savings 


You can not mention lending in the World of crypto without highlighting binance. Besides being one of the largest crypto exchanges, it comes with exciting lending offers that will enable you to generate impressive income from BTC lending..One of the key    features is the ability of users to lock funds and earn interest.

Furthermore, Binance offers daily interest payouts with flexibility of withdrawing earnings any time. Signing up on the largest lending site platform enables you to not only securely trade and lend your Bitcoin but also enjoy upto 15% interest on your earnings. If you are skeptical about the safety of your funds on digital lending platforms, then Binance is a perfect choice for you. 



 In case you find it challenging to make profit with Bitcoin, you can try out Bitcoin lending. The strategy not only eliminates the risks associated with volatility of cryptocurrency but also improves your chances of generating impressive income from the World of cryptocurrency. 

All you need is identify a credible lending platform and kick start a stress free profit making process with your Bitcoin. 

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