Which Card is Better, Visa or Mastercard?

If you are using a credit card, you may find a MasterCard or Visa logo on your card. Do you know what is the difference between MasterCard and Visa? Will it affect your option when you choose one of these networks? In this article, we are going to discuss both networks and how these payment networks work.

Generally speaking, the credit card will work when the card payment networks (such as Visa and MasterCard) can provide the system for processing all of the card transactions between the banks and merchants. These companies will partner with some financial institutions, such as banks, to distribute credit cards to clients. Both Visa and MasterCard have some similarities and differences.

Some Similarities Between Visa and MasterCard

1. Worldwide Acceptance

This is the most common similarity between MasterCard and Visa. Millions of merchants in more than 200 countries can accept both credit card networks. You can always use both Visa and MasterCard for making any transactions anywhere you want. This is a big advantage that is offered by both networks. Both payment networks have a wider merchant acceptance than the other networks, such as JCB or American Express.

2. Contactless Payment

When we are talking about the latest contactless payment technology, we can depend on the technology from both Visa and MasterCard. Both payment networks use contactless payment technology, so the payment can be done by tapping the card on the compatible point-of-sale terminal. The card is tapped, instead of inserted or swiped on the device. This feature is available for all customers who want to pay safely and conveniently.

3. Online Shopping Protection

Both Visa and MasterCard want to protect all cardholders from any fraudulent transactions. Both of them have the latest online shopping security feature. Visa has a reliable verification process that can be done for any unauthorized transactions by using a Visa card. Any transactions require a password or code that will be sent via text message to the user. This code can be used to verify the online transaction.

MasterCard also has a good online shopping protection feature. Its SecureCode system will work the same way. You can input a one-time PIN which will be sent via text message. This PIN will be used to verify an online transaction. This is a powerful security feature that can be used to ensure that all transactions can be done safely and securely.

Basic and Premium Cards from Visa and MasterCard

Both payment networks can support many different card types that are offered by many banks or financial institutions. Both Visa and MasterCard have basic and premium cards that are designed with different features and benefits for the users. Basic cards will come with the standard features, while the premium cards will offer additional exclusive offers for all users. Here are some popular card types that are supported by both Visa and MasterCard.

Visa Card Types

  • Classic. This is the basic card type from Visa
  • Gold. This card type usually has a higher credit limit than the regular classic one
  • Platinum. This card has more privileges and premium rewards than the other gold and classic cards.
  • Signature. This card has a higher credit limit, priority services, and also exclusive privileges for the top-tier clients
  • Infinite. It has the biggest credit limit, services, privileges, and rewards for all premium users

MasterCard Credit Card Types

  • Standard. This is a basic card from MasterCard which is good for everyone
  • Gold. It comes with some additional exclusive offers
  • Titanium. It is commonly used by travel cards. It can offer lifestyle and travel benefits for the users
  • Platinum. It has similar features to the Titanium card
  • World. This card has travel features and benefits for all users who have a frequent flight schedule
  • World Elite. This card has a unique personalized service for jet-setting users

Which One is Better?

There is no clear winner between both networks. None of them is superior to the other network. You may want to take a look at any benefits that are offered by your specific credit card offered by your bank. Both Visa and MasterCard are ready to help you enjoy the best shopping experience with your credit card. You can check their features before you decide to choose from those Visa or MasterCard networks. If you choose BDO credit card to get a quick loan here: https://digido.ph/articles/bdo-credit-card, you can use this link to solve your financial problems in one day.

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