Which Countries Use Cryptocurrencies the Most

Cryptocurrency uses are increasing day by day; according to a recent survey, 30% of Nigerians use Cryptocurrency by purchasing. Cryptocurrency is a cheaper and secure way to send and receive money from borders. reported by bitcoin.com, the Philippines has certified that most Cryptocurrencies have been changing in the country as “remittance and transfer companies.” The payment method of the peer-to-peer device has increased the number of users in Africa and reached the Cryptocurrency in the top position, immensely helping in Africa’s economy. Nigerians use Cryptocurrency for paying someone and even pay in shops. Read more about the three individuals who were supposedly the inventors of bitcoin here.

The use of Cryptocurrency in Nigeria is extensive; every Nigerian can pay with Cryptocurrency; it would not be wrong if I said Cryptocurrency had to get a place in their daily life. One of the most prominent influencers is poverty, Nigeria is suffering by 200 million people, and crypto transactions are significantly less. Here is the negative point most Nigerians receive and send money by using their mobile phones. I wanted to share some of the names of countries where Cryptocurrency is most used. India, Pakistan, Kenya, Nigeria, USA, Argentina, Colombia, China, Philippines, South Africa, Russian Federation, and Afghanistan.

Where are Cryptocurrency Transactions Recorded? 

Cryptocurrency transactions had gotten recorded in a local public balance sheet called the blockchain. Mainly this technology is decentralized on a shade of many computers and records every transaction. This blockchain technology makes it transparent, and traders want to enter this trading world. If you are going to start your trading journey with Cryptocurrency, start it from today. It is a very secure platform, and you can read the reviews of past traders and investors. It is not too hard to enter; you need to sign up; there would be a need for little info like your email and phone number, invest the minimum amount in dollars and get your Cryptocurrency trading account.

 Is Cryptocurrency Illegal Or Not?

Every trader knows that Cryptocurrency lacks a third party or any central authority because of decentralization. If easy to use and exchange Cryptocurrency without registering the identity. Although criminals and scammers are scamming with most of the trades, it is difficult to track if a hacker or not? However, Blockchain technology records every transaction, which is the security for traders from scammers and criminals. Blockchain technology performs a vital role in cryptocurrency platforms, and every financial platform needs safety and security. Cryptocurrency has a strong guarantee for the protection of scammers. But it is difficult for newbies who don’t know about scamming and fraudsters. When you get the info and research, make sure they gather the information about fraudsters as well. They can save your money very quickly. Many countries have permission to use Cryptocurrency, but some countries do not allow it to be used in their country.

Are Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Same?

The answer is always no. Blockchain is a technology to help Cryptocurrency to work. It is a decentralized system and records the public transactions on a general balance sheet. It plays a critical role in the difference between actual Cryptocurrency and the technology behind Cryptocurrency. People are delighted with this blockchain technology because it is safe for every person receiving and sanding sheets. So, the hacking chances had significantly less and minimum. But you should be aware before doing anything anywhere.


On the bottom line, I want to suggest something that may help you in your Cryptocurrency career. Don’t invest your money without any research and info; always be aware of what you do. Cryptocurrency indeed has many benefits, but every beneficial thing could be anything we can. For example, our daily life has negative points. But if you can face it cleverly or smartly, surely you will succeed. Always be aware of scammers. Yeah, there can be lots of scammers who spoil your business. It is unnecessary to set up and manage your Cryptocurrency fully; you can start from your smartphone anywhere. It is the point I like most, sign in, make the investment, and start the trading. Always those traders who invest smartly and get the research about their work are successful. That is the quality of every successful trader.

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