Which crypto terms you should know before investing in it?

Are you passionate about crypto and eager to explore the potential for financial success? If so, it’s a great idea to learn the basic terminology of crypto investments before diving in. Knowing key terms is essential if you want to make smart decisions when investing your hard-earned money. In this article, we’ll explore a few must-know terms related to cryptocurrencies so you can get started on your journey towards success. If you are interested in Bitcoin trading, you can use a reliable trading platform like immediate-edge.live.

Some Crypto Key Terms You Need To Know

Bitcoin Maximalist

A Bitcoin maximalist is someone who holds the view that Bitcoin should be seen as the only dominant cryptocurrency. They believe that all other digital assets are inferior to Bitcoin and will not have any relevance in the future. In short, they’re proponents of strong support for investing solely in Bitcoin.


Blocks are the building blocks of a blockchain, and each one carries information about all previous transactions made in cryptocurrencies. They have limited storage capacity before they are closed off and linked to other previously filled blocks, forming what is commonly known as the blockchain. New data that follows comes together into a newly formed block; this block then also gets added onto the chain once it’s full. So, by continuously filling up these various blocks with relevant data we can extend this connected network called the blockchain.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Exchanges are web-based marketplaces in which you can swap one digital asset for another according to the market value of the provided assets. These exchanges permit you to purchase, sell as well as trade cryptocurrencies.


DeFi, also referred to as Decentralized Finance, is a form of blockchain-based finance that doesn’t require the assistance of central financial intermediaries such as brokerages, exchanges or banks to provide conventional monetary instruments. It signifies crypto’s shift towards not only trading decentralized currencies but doing so in a truly decentralized manner. Some common DeFi projects include decentralized exchange protocols which automate cryptocurrency transactions between buyers and sellers without relying on an intermediary.


In the world of cryptocurrency, ‘HODL’ is a slang term that means to “hold on for dear life.” When crypto markets experience a downturn, loyal investors tend to urge each other to ‘HODL’ and not sell their tokens with the belief that prices will eventually rebound. So if you’re looking for advice during volatile times, the ‘hodl-ers have it right: remember to hodl!


This particular short form for “decentralized app” implies any electronic app or maybe system which operates on a blockchain or maybe a P2P system of computer systems rather than one computer. dApps can take a variety of types, such as social networking websites, video activities, and communication platforms.


Bitcoin is the most widely used name within the crypto market these days. It’s a digital currency along with a distributed system which monitors transactions in a decentralized ledger referred to as the blockchain. It functions with no central management and with no oversight by governments or banks. It’s rather based on peer-to-peer software and encryption.


This particular crypto term is regarded as having one of those meanings. The first is referring to Satoshi Nakomoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin. He designed the Bitcoin white paper and produced as well as applied the initial guide implementation of Bitcoin. Second, Satoshi signifies a unit of value which is the same as 0.00001 Bitcoins.


This particular term is frequently used for individuals that trade on huge volumes of Bitcoin along with other digital currencies and for individual investors. They’re feared by many crypto day traders since they can influence price changes in real-time.