Which is the lightest folding mobility scooter?

Your daily commute can be daunting, walking to the bus, or long treks to the train station, or even just driving in a car with long lines of traffic. What can you do to make it faster, or easier? Well, instead of walking to your public transportation, you can ride a bike or scooter. Isn’t a bike big and bulky though, wouldn’t it make it even worse to travel on public transportation? Yes, that’s true, as convenient it is to ride a bike to where you need to go, it can be really hard to store or carry. An electric scooter is lightweight, and if you don’t want to ride public transportation some foldable electric scooters have high mileage per charge, so you can ride it from your home to your destination if its within a certain number of miles.

Is it easy to fold an electric scooter? No two electric scooter companies have the same folding system, but generally, they are all designed to be easily folded. Most foldable electric scooters that are able to will have some kind of latch or lever system that can be flicked to fold the e-scooter in half. The scooters at Varla scooters have lightweight foldable scooters and even electric scooters with seats. The Eagle One on the Varla website weighs 77 Lbs, it’s a little heavy but it’s also meant for off-road terrain, so it has a few more components than The Pegasus. The Pegasus has a self-weight of 66 Lbs, now which sounds like a lot of weight, but it feels super light, and is the best foldable electric scooter for your commute.

Electric scooters are cheap, convenient, and funny means of transport. You can go anywhere; on roads and streets and enjoy making local errands fun, quick and easy. You can ride the electric scooters even in the corridor of your home or in shopping malls. Electric scooters are a cheerful way of transportation. You can pack up a scooter and take it anywhere. Whether you’re cruising around town or taking it with you on a trip to somewhere new, it’s compact enough to be an alternative mode of transportation at home or away. Since they are becoming increasingly accessible, people can try them before they buy. It costs just a few dollars to get a firsthand rider experience. Cost and convenience are important if you’re considering purchasing one for yourself, but don’t forget the importance of the fun experience too! Scooters have a “cool” factor; they make grown-ups feel like kids again, and they make kids feel like they’re part of the “in” crowd. It’s a win-win for anyone old enough to steer an electric scooter to get around the streets and sidewalks of any city. Most can go up to the speed of 15 mph, which is fast enough to be fun and slow enough to be safe within any speed limit. The ones at Varla scooter can go up to 40 mph. Who knew a kid’s toy could turn out to be such fun for adults? We’re pretty sure whoever sees you zoom by on a scooter feels a little pang of jealousy as they wait in their cars or get left in the dust.

You’re probably sitting there debating if it’s even worth looking into electric scooters. I know it can be a big change from your gas-driven cars, or public transport, but here are 10 benefits to having an electric scooter.  Easy assembly. An electric scooter is easy to assemble. Most models can be assembled in as little as ten minutes – especially the foldable electric scooter models. Just unfold, attach the handle grips, charge up the battery and go.

They’re fun. Don’t you want to feel like a kid again? Owning an electric scooter with seat is one way to relive the good ol’ days of riding in the open air, with the wind blowing through your hair. We all deserve a bit of fun now and then, right? Easy to park. Most electric scooters are small and lightweight enough to fit in your office, in a school locker, or in a grocery cart. But if you absolutely need to park your electric scooter, you have plenty of options. Bike racks are virtually everywhere, and many bike locks can be used to secure your scooter.

Saves you time. Because a scooter is small and easy to operate, you can more easily navigate through traffic congestion. You’ll get where you’re going quicker and, dare we say, better. License requirements: Because of their limited speed, many cities do not require you to have a license. Before you ride, ensure that you become familiar with your local electric scooter regulations. Easily portable. An electric scooter is usually lightweight enough to carry with you on the bus, train, or subway. And some, like the Pegasus commuter scooters, can be easily folded so that you can store them in compact spaces.

Environment friendly. Because they are electric, an electric scooter doesn’t emit CO2 into the atmosphere. The less CO2, the better

Cost of maintenance. Maintaining an electric scooter is less expensive than owning a motorcycle or car. They’re electric. No seriously, this is a huge advantage. Electric scooters are cheaper to operate when compared to traditional fuel-based scooters and bikes. Instead of hopping in your car for short trips and quick errands, hop on your electric scooter with a seat.

They are affordable. An electric scooter certainly costs far less than a motorcycle or a car. You can have a high-end scooter for just a few hundred dollars. Some manufacturers Varla Scooters included, have invested heavily in lowering manufacturing costs while raising quality.
Those savings are passed on to you.

Let’s face it, an electric scooter is an exciting personal transportation vehicle that has captured the imaginations of urban commuters and campus cruisers the world over. And it’s easy to see why. They’re a fun, eco-friendly way to get around. Improvements in battery technology have made them more affordable and lighter than ever before.

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