Which NBA Teams Are Likely to Make the Most Profits in 2022/2023?

As the countdown to the 2022/2023 NBA season draws closer, several amazing NBA predictions have been released to give fans insights into what the season has in store.

Every new season, the value of NBA teams increases due to the huge revenues from sponsorship and other deals. This may affect the NBA Championship odds for the teams. That is why many NBA point spread predictions consider team revenues as a big factor in determining the success of NBA teams.

What to expect in the new NBA season

The new season is a big opportunity for the NBA to promote basketball. The odds to win NBA Championship are tight with each new game.

Another thing to anticipate is the financial growth of NBA teams through various sources of revenue. At the end of the season, the champions will not only celebrate. Teams who recorded more profits than the previous season will also receive plaudits for their business success.

What are the factors to consider when predicting the most profitable NBA team?

NBA teams attract several lucrative business partnerships every year. Besides hosting games, these business partnerships are also major sources of income.

The values of each team’s business partnerships are important in their NBA moneyline predictions.

To determine the most profitable NBA team, one will need to examine their business deals in the following areas:

Television deals

NBA television deals are worth billions of dollars. Broadcast companies from different parts of the world jostle to hold the rights to air NBA games.

National and local TV companies are also in the mix. Most NBA teams sign separate deals with international and local broadcasters to make substantial revenue.

Arena capacity

NBA teams also make revenue from selling tickets. Tickets to see an average NBA game cost between $80 to $100. More revenues are generated from luxury seating arrangements.


The size of the local market also contributes to the profits of NBA teams every season. Top NBA teams like New York Knicks, LA Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Golden State Warriors, etc., enjoy a lot of advantages from their local market’s interest in the team. This interest leads to several local business collaborations and sponsorships.

Advertisement deals

Advertisement is a major source of revenue for NBA teams. From your Television to your streaming devices, billboards, and even in the arena, NBA teams roll out a huge chunk of advertisement to their audiences.

Some NBA teams have large audiences. Businesses desiring to reach more people pay good cash for a slot.

NBA teams that will likely make the most profit in 2022/2023

Analyzing NBA futures can be quite tricky. Predicting NBA teams that will make the highest profits is even more difficult. This is because there are no fixed periods for business partnerships. As a result, NBA teams may agree to any profitable business deal at any time of the season.

Examining the nature of the business deals and partnerships of NBA teams can give an insight into the profit each will likely make.

Predicting profitable NBA teams is as tough as NBA over/under (totals) prediction. You cannot make any accurate NBA score predictions without analyzing available data.

To successfully predict the most likely profitable NBA teams, you will need to access the details of their major business partnerships and deals.

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