White-Label DSPs: Why Are Advertisers Choosing Them Over Other Types Of Demand-Side Platforms?

Every advertiser would like to find the best possible solution to ensure the best results out of their advertising campaign. Whatever OTT platform you choose, it is crucial to buy inventory from trusted publishers, but choosing those publishers can be rather time-consuming and labor-intensive. Many advertisers stick to demand-side platforms that can simplify the media buying process as a result. but they still stay behind the scenes. The only way to control every step of the deal is white label advertising that can be achieved through a white-label DSP.

What is a white-label DSP platform?

Demand-side platforms in general are software for real-time bidding that help advertisers purchase ad inventory faster, easier, and makes sure that the publishers they buy from are trustworthy. DSPs simplify the media buying process by automating it, thus allowing advertisers to save time and money. 

There are three types of demand-side platforms: full-service, implying that all the work is done by account managers, self-serve, allowing clients to control every option, and white-label DSP – a fully-fledged solution that can be tailored according to the specific preferences of a business. This is ready-to-use software available for rebranding in compliance with the needs of a brand. In other words, you purchase a ready-made product without the hassle of developing it from scratch, but you can still brand it with your own company name and logo.

Why choose a white-label DSP over other types of platforms?

There are many benefits of owning an advertising platform:

  • you save time as you do not have to obtain new skills, develop anything on your own, or search for developers to create it from scratch
  • different payment plans, either time-renewable licenses or one-time fees, allow for purchase and price flexibility
  • you control every option: unlike self-serve platform where you are limited in actions you can take, with a white-label DSP you are the owner and you set the rules
  • it’s 100% transparent because you are aware of every step of the deal
  • there is no need to use multiple DSPs and you can fully control how your advertising campaign performs and optimize it in a timely and proper fashion
  • you get real-time reports right inside the platform’s dashboard
  • you can set up unique Terms and Conditions under which your platform works 

White-label DSPs combines the features of a self-serve platform but offer extra functionality as well. What is especially great when establishing a white-label platform is that you become the product owner who gives clients access to self-serve DSPs, and you can customize every detail to your own preferences.


White-label demand-side platforms are a unique tool able to take programmatic video advertising to the next level. Run, manage and optimize ad campaigns using your own DSP while saving million-dollar expenses. Conserve up to 30% of your media buying budget by using a DSP, and be sure that the traffic you buy is 100% high-quality. All the analytics will be displayed in one place giving you a clear view of your campaign’s performance, letting you adjust to changing conditions and sudden shifts smoothly and without issue.

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