White Label Solution

White label is a solution that allows companies to use a finished product or service developed by another company under their own brand.

Benefits of this solution

White label cryptocurrency payment processor is ready-made technological platforms provided for use by partners to ensure payment and money transfer processes. The advantages of such solutions are obvious:

  • Reduced time to develop and launch a product. Companies can focus on promoting their brand and marketing campaigns.
  • Cost savings. White label solutions are ready-to-use platforms.
  • Flexibility of customization and integration. White label platforms provide the ability to customize the functionality for the specific needs of a partner. Partners can use the API to integrate payment services into their software or website.

Expanding the functionality of partner products. Thanks to white label solutions, partners get access to tools that can significantly improve and complement the functionality of their products. This allows you to compete with other companies in the market.

Increasing brand awareness. The brand partner uses solutions that have already proven themselves in the White label market, this increases recognition and increases customer loyalty.

White label service is perfect for business development. It’s an efficient and quick way for online payments. 

What is white label personalization?

White label personalization allows to customize and modify a standard interface up to the unique needs of a particular business or brand.

Those companies which order this solution get numerous profits in comparison to the development of own payment platform:

  1. The development of own platform is always timely and financially consuming as a lot of the small details have to be taken into consideration. The creation from scratch is long and complicated process. At the same time, the personalization of the White label of the platform can significantly reduce time and financial costs, since most of the components have already been created, and all that remains is to adapt them to specific needs and brand them.
  2. Secondly, the personalization of the white label of the platform allows you to significantly speed up the time to market, since the already existing platform allows you to start working immediately after making the necessary changes and adaptation.
  3. Thirdly, ordering platform personalization provides an opportunity to obtain high quality and reliability of already proven and debugged technologies.

Thus, white label personalization of the platform is a more cost-effective and faster way to create your own payment platform.

How it works and who is it for

A payment service that uses a White label solution provides its customers with a full-fledged payment service under its own brand.

White label solutions such as crypto payment gateway BitHide for payment services can be useful for various companies and businesses that want to provide online payment services. They are great for startups and small companies that do not have their own infrastructure. No more need to look for the opportunity to create a payment system from scratch.

White label solutions can also be useful for large companies that want to expand their business and offer their services in new areas. For example, for banks that want to start providing online payments to their customers, but do not want to invest in developing their own payment system.