Why Anklets Are Our Top Pick For Fall/Winter Jewelry

We are here for nostalgic but sleek anklets this fall. A super popular 90’s trend is back in a big way with a more modern update. This trending style isn’t just for summer anymore. Stylish women everywhere are styling ankles with their everyday looks from chunky styles to sleek options. Anklets came back into the spotlight as a popular early Y2K trend like other fun accessories. From the mini butterfly hair clip to the stretchy choker necklace there are so many styles from that era which have already gone out of style. You can find an anklet in just about any chain style 

Now there are even more elevated anklet styles for you to try. From gemstone studded anklets to solid gold anklets you can find the right style for you. You can dress up even the simplest outfit with a sleek and sexy anklet. While anklets used to be a super niche style there are now a plethora of different options to choose from. A ton of jewelry retailers now carry anklet styles from minimalist gold chains to charm studded options.

You only need one or two stylish anklets in your collection to create a super curated col girl look. You can upgrade any look from simple to ultra chic with the addition of your go-to anklet. When the cooler seasons come along you may want to rock a piece of jewelry in a subtle way. Pairing a midi skirt, booties, and chunky chain anklet together makes for a lovely date night outfit.

You can style you anklet loosely so it drapes over your foot when you are wearing high heels. You can also wear it on a tighter setting so it stays put on your calf while you are rocking your favorite mini boots. It will add a little sparkle and shimmer to your legs that will make you look fun and carefree.

There are many ways to style an anklet it can even be worn as a bracelet on a tighter loop. You can stack, layer, mix and match anklets for a super stylish look. The amount of options for anklets can even be overwhelming. It seems like just about everyone is stocking this popular new trend. We don’t see this trend going out of vogue anytime soon. It is easy to feel cool and trendy all year long. 

When you go jewelry shopping its best to keep your personal style in mind. Whether you lean more towards classic and timeless or trendy and fun you can find a piece that matches your personality. You can make a dramatic and bold statement with a chunky anklet set or you can go simple and sleek with dainty chain anklets. Try searching out chain styles you know you already like such as a cuban, rope, or herringbone chain. If you decide the anklet style doesn’t work for you instead you can rock it as a bracelet.

You can lean into the Y2K or early 90’s trend with other trendy accessories or matching styles. Dress up a slinky black dress with a diamond studded anklet. Elevate your everyday outfit with a bold gemstone anklet or try adding a sexy touch to your mini skirt with a chandelier anklet. Its super easy to incorporate this popular style into your jewelry collection without feeling excessively trendy.

It’s best to work with the wardrobe you have to add in styles you actually like so it doesn’t feel forced or disingenuous. Whenever your try something new the best way you can rock the style is to wear it with confidence. Are you going to try out the ever popular anklet trend this season?