Why is applying for a birth certificate in India an important Task?

Applying for a Birth Certificate: Why is it Important?

Keeping track of birth and death registration is an important task a country has to handle. Knowing birth, and death counts help them to monitor the population and plan schemes for the welfare of people and the nation. Making it easier for people to register their child’s birth, the government has introduced online portals, where people can complete birth registration without much trouble. Despite this, many people fail to register their children’s births on time, which causes further complications.

Registering a child’s birth within twenty-one days of the child being born is crucial, to avoid any fees and further complications. Failing to register a child’s birth within twenty-one days, one can still complete birth registration and get a birth certificate, but in this scenario, one has to pay the late fees. If a guardian fails to register the birth within the first year of a child’s birth, then registration needs to be completed under the authority of a magistrate after confirming the date of birth.

Establishing Your Child’s Citizenship 

A birth certificate is the first document that gives identity to a child. Other than being a mere document stating name, age, and parent’s names, it helps one to prove their citizenship. Despite this, many people fail to complete birth registration. This could be because of a lack of awareness, a lack of good infrastructure, etc.

Where might you require a birth certificate?

Birth certificates provide proof of citizenship, age, and place of birth, and are thus required in many places. From school admission to applying for a passport, a birth certificate is an important document one cannot ignore.

  • School Admission: It is important to produce a birth certificate when getting a school, college admission, or getting other social benefits.
  • Marriage Registration: Because a birth certificate is used to verify age, it must be produced before registering a marriage certificate. This contributes to the reduction of child marriages.
  • Passport Application: If you wish to apply for a passport, your birth certificate is an important document you need to submit.

Other than this, it is mandatory to produce a birth certificate while applying for many other documents like a ration card, an employment card, etc.

Online Process of Applying For A Birth Certificate.

The process of applying for a birth certificate has now become the easiest. Applicants did not have to wait in long lines for hours to get a birth certificate application, as they did in the past. Anyone can now apply for the certificate online. All they need is a good internet connection and all the documents in their hands. If the applicant does not understand the process, they can watch tutorials.

The application for a birth certificate can also be made online. Now, people can also apply for other documents, including caste certificates, employment cards, and shramik cards.

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