Why Are Animated Marketing Videos Important?

If you’re running an online business, we don’t need to tell you about the importance of digital marketing. After all, you’ll find no better way to reach out to your customers that are always on the internet. You can refer to recent statistics to find out just how important video ads are these days.

Sure, static display ads are great if you want to make a quick impression on your viewers. But, you’ll find that these ads aren’t always enough to convey the full extent of your message. So, it makes more sense to use videos that can get your message across to your target audience.

These days, 3D in animation is also proving useful if you’re willing to give it a shot. You’ll find 3D animation software all over the place that can engage your customers. We have more reasons than engagement to convince you to use animated videos. Let’s take you through a few reasons why you should use animated marketing videos.

Make a Lasting Impression

One reason we recommend you use animated marketing videos is that they make an impression. Think about it: Will your viewers spend more time looking at your static ads or video ads? Since video ads are longer, it makes sense that they’d watch them for longer.

So, if you consider it, they’d be more likely to remember what you’ve shown them in these ads. This in turn could lead to your animated videos making a lasting impression on your viewers. If you want to go the extra mile, you could use 3D animation software to craft entertaining ads.

Your viewers may appreciate your efforts in this regard if your ads are entertaining. But you may not have the expertise needed to create 3D animation online. You could always hire the services of an animation studio that knows how to craft these ads.

Also, it’s a good idea to use a local animation studio that understands your target audience. An animation studio in your city is more likely to know what your viewers want to see. You’ll find these studios in every large city across the country, so take your pick.

Animation studios in Chicago and other cosmopolitan cities understand local audiences. So, these 3D animation makers know what graphics to use to create a lasting impression on viewers. Also, you may find it more affordable to work with these studios than others.

But you need to ensure the content featured in these ads is up to scratch The animated videos you use should be about more than their graphics. You should be able to convey your brand’s values and goals using these animated videos. Only then can you hope to create a lasting impression on viewers?

Increase Your Conversion Rate

A compelling reason to use 3D animation online is that it helps you boost your conversion rate. In case you’re wondering, your conversion rate is the rate at which your users take a desirable action. So, if you’re selling products online, the desired action is for users to buy your products.

But, to buy your products, your users would first need to click on your ads. You’ll find that users will only click on your ads if they find them engaging enough. This is how the quality of your ads can affect your conversion rate. Think about it: why would your users click on your ads if they find them boring?

Using a 3D animation model would be a great way for you to get around making boring ads. Most people are sure to stop and stare if they see an entertaining piece of animation online. So, it makes sense for you to use 3D animation online to tell users about your products and services.

You’ll soon be pleased to find that users who like your ads will spend more time on your site. This, in turn, would increase their chances of buying one of your products. But you also need to focus on designing a high-quality website if you want them to stick around.

Remember to use similar graphics on your site as you did in your video ads. You’ll find that consistency is often the key to running a successful marketing campaign. The tone and voice of your promotional content should be consistent as well. This will allow you to keep viewers engaged and prompt them to convert.

Also, think about creating more than one video ad with similar animation. If you do so, your viewers will soon learn to recognize your brand through these ads.

Save On Costs

You may have assumed that creating animated video ads is expensive. And who could blame you for such an assumption? After all, graphic designers charge a fortune if you’re willing to splurge on 3D animation models. But that doesn’t mean that creating animated video ads is expensive.

Creating such ads may help you save on costs in the long run. Think about it: If you created live-action ads, you’d have so many costs piling up. You’d need to spend on sets, costumes, and professional actors. This isn’t the case if you choose to use 3D animation models for your ads.

You simply need to hire a 3D animation studio and watch them get to work. You can use the animated ads they create on all your platforms. So, you don’t need to design unique content for each platform and splurge on the same. Also, you won’t need to spend money on reshoots if your videos aren’t satisfactory.

Besides, you can keep your content fresh and intriguing with 3D animation. Your viewers will find it interesting that you didn’t create generic ads to impress them. This in itself should be enough as a long-term investment for your marketing campaign.


So there you have it, some of our best reasons why you should be using video ads for marketing. Considering how entertaining videos are, it’s likely you’ll see them online for a while. You shouldn’t lag behind your competitors if you want to keep your viewers interested in your brand.

If you’re a new brand online, then this will be all the more important for you. You should focus on creating an impression on viewers if you want to stay in business. After all, your competitors are doing it; why shouldn’t you?

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