Why are B2B Customer Satisfaction Surveys Important?

A great way to track customer satisfaction is B2B customer satisfaction surveys, which help you learn what customers like and dislike about your business. Additionally, these surveys allow you to track your customers’ wants and needs. Not to mention, a B2B customer satisfaction survey will help you set standards for your business when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Why Track Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction allows you to understand what your target audience is looking for from your company. Additionally, by acting on the feedback that your customers give you, they will be more likely to continue to purchase your services or products. In contrast, customers who are not satisfied are more likely to leave and find better solutions.

B2B Customer Satisfaction Surveys

It is important to design a good customer satisfaction survey to cover all basis for good and informative feedback. Therefore, you will need a customer satisfaction research program that knows how to keep customers and boost revenues, how to improve loyalty, how the business is performing, what customers’ unmet needs and wants are, and where your business needs improvement.

Types of B2B Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Depending on your business’s goals, your research team might use a certain type of customer satisfaction survey.

Overall Customer Satisfaction

Also known as CSAT, this type of survey’s main objective is to find out to what extent customers are satisfied with your business overall. With CSAT, you can get an understanding of how customers feel about tangible things like pricing, website design, delivery, customer service, and others alike. Additionally, you can ask about intangible things in this survey, such as how customers feel about your reliability or proactivity.  When it comes to CSAT, most of them will be well-known 1-10 scale questions, asking customers to rate an aspect of your business.

Net Promoter Score

Also known as NPS, this survey will track customer loyalty more than anything else. Most questions in this survey will consist of how likely a customer is to recommend your business to someone they know. While this survey doesn’t relate to commercial performance, it can give you some important insight into customers.

Customer Effort Score

Also known as CES, this survey shows you how much effort customers need to put into one interaction. While limited, this survey will allow you to understand any pain points that your customers might be running into when trying to purchase something from you.

Customer Churn Analysis

This type of survey allows you to understand how many visitors you are getting and how many are making a purchase. While churn won’t give you a reason as to why some customers are leaving without making a purchase, it will allow you to address the issue if the ratio is too high.

If you are unsure about tracking customer satisfaction for your business, Priority Metrics Group can help you. We offer customer satisfaction surveys, market and growth assessments, commercial due diligence, and much more to help you grow your B2B. 

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