Why are company logos so important?

When you’re in the process of developing your own business brand, a striking, high-quality logo is an incredibly important factor. Sadly, many fledgeling businesses find themselves rushing to launch their business before they’ve given much thought to their company logo. A significant oversight within the crucial early stages of their business development.

Understanding the importance of a company logo and the impact it has on your brand, can give you the knowledge you need to make an informed design choice. You must spend time and invest money in buying tools, such as logo creator software, to create a powerful logo. You may already have some ideas in mind, or perhaps you intend to hand over the creative reins and hire a logo designer instead. Whatever your decision, consider why company logos are so important and check out the points below.

It turns heads (for the right reasons)

No matter what industry you’re trying to break into, chances are you’ll be battling for elbow room. Competition is fierce and it’s not just corporate juggernauts you’re competing against, but smaller SMEs who, like you, want to make their brand stand apart.

A well-designed logo should turn heads for all the right reasons. It should be eye-catching and grab the attention of passers-by, scrollers and online shoppers. Your logo should be a reflection of your company’s core values, and consumers should be able to decipher what your company does without much thought. As we have a short attention span, your logo certainly needs to pack a punch – and quickly.

It creates the right first impression

It’s easy to brush off the idea that first impressions count or that they’re usually wrong anyway. But within a business, a poor first impression is something your brand cannot afford. A strong, well-designed logo is your identity, is your handshake, your smile, your signature and you have to get it right, first time. Your logo should emanate a sense of authority; that you’re an established name within your chosen industry and that you dominate the market with your knowledge and tenacity.

It makes your brand memorable

You may have made a good first impression – but have you made a lasting one? A well-designed logo should be memorable and instantly identifiable with your brand. Your logo doesn’t just differentiate you from your competitors, it should evoke a sense of quality and help your customers to link your logo to good service, and a positive experience.

Additionally, if individuals forget your business name, they’re more likely to be able to remember your logo!

It’s at the centre of your brand identity

Your logo is the front and centre of your brand. It helps to set the tone for your brand, your company message and is the marketable face of your company. Your logo is the foundation of your brand guidelines and has a strong influence over everything that is customer-focused, including letterheads, your website, fonts, colours and more. Something you should keep in mind whilst creating or commissioning a logo design for your business.

Final thoughts

Your logo is at the very heart of your business, and it helps you maintain a consistent and memorable image for your customers. Consider the points above to ensure your logo is a true representation of your brand.

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