Why are Diamonds the Ideal Symbol of Love & Relationship?

From movies to celebrities, magazines, and adverts, diamonds are portrayed as the ideal symbol of love and commitment in relationships

It has become a part of our culture that many people do not even think twice about it before going for diamonds to express their love and commitment to their partners.

But it has not always been so.

Throwback to about 4000 years ago, when diamonds were first discovered in India. Many believed then that they were just good luck charms and the great Plato even wrote that they were embodiments of celestial beings.

So, the question is where did we get this tradition of love and diamonds from?

Well, it is deeply rooted in history.

Perhaps the idea of diamonds as a symbol of love came from Cupid, the Greek god of love. His arrows had diamond tips and they could unite hearts together in love. Greeks also attach meaning to the fire in diamonds, relating it to the passionate, burning flames of love.

Apart from mythology, the first person in history to give a diamond as a symbol of love was Archduke Maximillian of Austria. He gave a diamond ring to his beloved, Mary Burgundy. From that moment, giving diamonds became a thing among the elite in society.

But fast-forward to some centuries later, and diamonds were discovered in South Africa. They became more available for the average people in the society.

But apart from the historical perspective, what else made the diamond the symbol of love and perfection?

Taking a critical look at it, certain elements of culture were done in the past, but are no longer relevant today. But the diamond is still relevant today and would most likely continue as long as love exists.

So, what is so special about diamonds that makes them perfect for the expression of love in relationships?

  1. Diamonds are Forever

This was the central theme of the 1947 campaign of De beers that put diamonds on top of the jewellery chart. Diamonds are timeless. The sparkle does not dwindle with age and even though trends come and go, the beauty of a diamond never fades. Since most people in love want their love to stay forever, the diamond is a sure way to pass the message of eternal love.

  1. Diamonds embody persistence and commitment

The diamond formation process within the earth’s crust takes billions of years and some researchers have even said they existed before the dinosaurs! It is amazing to think that such a gem would be obtained as a show of love to a partner.  Diamonds can withstand extremes of temperature and pressure and still come out beautiful. In the same way, several couples hope that their love would be able to withstand life’s challenges and still come out beautiful.

  1. Diamonds are Valuable

Diamonds are rare, and so they are valuable. Gem-quality diamonds appreciate in value with time and they are one of the most portable forms of wealth in the world. It can also be a form of investment. The enormous effort that is put into the mining of diamonds can only be because they are extremely valuable. To mine diamonds, hundreds of mine workers, machinery, researchers and engineers are involved. When you consider how much it would take to pay each of these workers and obtain the equipment, it is not surprising that diamond prices can be very high. To get a good idea of how much diamonds cost, you can check diamond price calculation guide by PetraGems.

But beyond its value intrinsically, diamonds also communicate to the receiver that they are valued. They deserve all the good things of life and should be treated well.

  1. Diamonds are Unique

No two diamonds are the same. As a result of the extreme process of formation they go through, diamonds bear unique markers. These markers are usually slight imperfections or inclusions in the structure of the diamond that are not visible to the naked eye. But they are there, and they tell the story of the diamond. Custom made diamonds are also trending and the fact that these diamonds are specially crafted for a person gives a very special feeling.

So, when it is given as a gift, it creates a special kind of feeling that the wearer is one of a kind, unique, just like the diamond. It also passes the message across that despite the flaws of a person, they are still loved, valued, and special.

  1. Diamonds are durable

A diamond is considered one of the hardest substances on earth. So what you have is a gem that would not break, or char, or fade. This means that lovers can wear their rings without fear of breaking them while carrying out their daily activities. There are also varieties that allow you to select based on functionality and lifestyle.

Cars get old and depreciate with use, shoes get worn out, and houses get old too. But the diamond is the ideal choice of a gift that the receiver can keep wearing decades after receiving it.

Also, since diamonds represent durability, there is no better feeling than finding true love that will stand the test of time.

  1. Diamonds are Classy

It is true that there are several jewels in the world, but none is like the diamond. The diamond is in a class of its own and it is not surprising that many would rather choose it above other types of stones. As a matter of fact, from Kanye West and Kim, to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the rich and famous see it as a show of pride and class to propose to their partners with expensive diamond rings.

  1. There is a Diamond for everyone

Perhaps, this is the most important reason why diamonds are the ideal symbol of love and relationship. Whether you need a round-cut, the emerald cut, or a halo design, you can always find a diamond that fits into your budget. It is no longer restricted to a class of society. The advent of synthetic diamonds has also made the gem much more available to everyone.

So, the next time you are asked, why are Diamonds the Ideal Symbol of Love & Relationship?

It’s very simple. Because diamonds are valuable, durable, unique, available, classy and eternal. They embody all the qualities that people look for in love and relationships.

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