Why Auckland Needs a CCTV Shield to Fight Rising Crime Rates

Photo of two CCTV security cameras installed outside a building.


In recent times, Auckland, a city known for its vibrant culture and stunning landscapes, has been grappling with an alarming surge in crime rates of around 20%[1]. As residents and business owners find themselves increasingly anxious about the safety of their properties and loved ones, it’s time to address this growing concern. Fortunately, we have compelling evidence from various studies and evidence briefs shedding light on the effectiveness of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in situational crime prevention both overseas and in New Zealand[2][8]. It’s become clear that to combat this rising wave of crime, a comprehensive CCTV solution is not just an option but a necessity. Let’s delve into the details and understand why Auckland needs a CCTV shield to protect its communities and properties from the looming threat of burglaries, ram-raids, and other property crimes.

Visual Deterrence: Preventing Crimes with Surveillance

Visual deterrence is a concept that strikes fear into the hearts of potential criminals. The mere thought of being caught red-handed on camera, their actions captured as irrefutable evidence, is often enough to dissuade them from committing unlawful acts. Visual deterrence in the form of CCTV cameras has been shown to be effective in reducing crime[3]. In Auckland, the presence of surveillance cameras offers not only peace of mind but also the assurance that criminals will think twice before targeting homes or businesses. The power of surveillance cameras goes beyond the lens; it creates a palpable sense of security within our communities. Even dummy cameras, with their appearance of security, can serve as effective deterrents, making criminals reconsider their intentions when confronted by the watchful gaze of the lens.

CCTV as a Burglary Deterrence Tool

The value of professional CCTV installation becomes evident when we consider its role as a powerful deterrent against burglaries. The presence of surveillance cameras alone can significantly reduce the burglary risk for homes and businesses alike. The strategic use of CCTV shows a significant, tangible reduction in theft[4]. Making your property a hard target for criminals is crucial. This means that burglars, when assessing potential targets, should perceive your property as one that is challenging to breach or ransack without getting caught on camera. It’s this impression that can make them rethink their actions, knowing they are more likely to face legal consequences if they proceed.

Fighting Crime: Enhancing Police Investigations

CCTV systems play a pivotal role in aiding police investigations, providing high-quality footage that serves as a critical resource in identifying suspects and solving crimes. Surveillance footage significantly contributes to increasing clearance rates[5] for various crimes. The ability to trace movements, determine physical appearance, and provide undeniable proof of criminal activities becomes invaluable when presented as evidence in court. In the context of Auckland, this translates into more efficient investigations, quicker resolution of cases, and safer communities as a whole. The city can benefit from this advantage in strengthening law enforcement, ultimately making it a less attractive target for criminals who prefer the shadows of anonymity.

Safeguarding Auckland: Business and Home Security

Auckland is not only a vibrant metropolis but also home to countless businesses and residents. As we strive to combat rising crime rates, it’s crucial to consider the need for comprehensive security systems tailored to both commercial and residential properties. By integrating robust security measures, including alarms and CCTV, businesses and homeowners can benefit from reduced crime, keeping their properties and, more importantly, their people safe. Two of the key safety measures suggested for rural properties by New Zealand insurance giant FMG are home security systems and camera systems[6]. To protect Auckland effectively, the focus should be on turning the city into a hard target for criminals and burglars, fostering a sense of deterrence and reinforcing the idea that crime is not a profitable endeavour here.

A Comprehensive CCTV Shield for Auckland

The key takeaways from our discussion highlight the significance of a comprehensive security camera shield in the fight against rising crime rates in Auckland. Evidence from Newark, NJ, shows effective but mixed effects of CCTV on different crime categories[7] the mixed effects of CCTV on different crime categories and highlights the importance of a tailored solution using CCTV as the backbone. A variety of situational crime prevention techniques[2] must be used alongside surveillance cameras, thinking intelligently about the circumstances. Turning Auckland into a safer city is a collective effort and a shared social responsibility. By employing high-resolution cameras and providing thorough camera coverage, we can ensure there are no hiding spots or blind spots for criminals. This not only enhances community safety but also reinforces the effectiveness of visual deterrence and situational crime prevention, making our beloved Auckland a place where safety and peace of mind prevail.


In conclusion, the alarming rise in crime rates in Auckland cannot be ignored. It’s crucial that we act swiftly and proactively to address this issue. By embracing comprehensive CCTV solutions, such as installing surveillance cameras in our homes, businesses, and public spaces, we not only create a more efficient police force with faster crime resolution but also contribute to a safer Auckland for all. Visual deterrence and burglary deterrence are our allies in this endeavour. Let’s foster a sense of community spirit and trust, backed by high-quality footage and compelling evidence, as we work together to combat the rising crime rates and build a safer and more secure future for our beloved city.


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