Why Azure is Preferred to Run Applications On

Regarding cloud partners for business owners, there are two primary choices for the eager entrepreneur. When you talk about cloud-based services, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services tend to top the charts. However, the former manages to outpace the latter in many ways, which is why Azure is the preferred cloud-based solution.

That said, it’s not enough to say that people prefer Microsoft Azure. After all, even if it’s the truth, what makes Azure so popular compared to AWS? It’s crucial to learn about its many benefits to ensure that you make an informed decision when choosing Azure. Here are a few reasons why Azure is the preferred platform for applications and app integration.

1. Easy app migration

No matter the industry, you’ll have to deal with application migration at one point or another. There comes a time when even your most trusted framework and database is no longer supported—turning it into a legacy system. If you don’t want to be bogged down by older software, it’s crucial to get the help of Microsoft Azure to help with easy app migration. With the aid of an Azure managed service provider, app migration is easier than ever before. Instead of a complicated process forcing you to go through hoops, migration through the Azure systems is pretty simple.

2. It has the distinction of being the ideal hybrid platform

Hybrid cloud computing is the ability to run various apps in different environments. For example, a company might want the apps to run on-premises as well as the public cloud, which necessitates a hybrid platform to accomplish the task at hand. Microsoft Azure is well-known for being the ideal hybrid platform, as it offers a seamless transition between various environments and gives people as much freedom as possible when running their companies.

3. Heightened security measures

One of the most incredible things about working with Microsoft Azure is that you have the entirety of the Microsoft Ecosystem to work with. For companies that want to grow into an enterprise, the Microsoft Ecosystem is your best bet. It has everything you need, with Azure offering plenty of benefits, including heightened security measures. One of the advantages of working with Microsoft is that the company has a foundation in quality assurance and consistency. If Microsoft says that security is a priority, it absolutely is.

4. Ease of use

Last but certainly not least, ease of use is one of the primary reasons why most company owners use Azure. As the cloud computing platform is part of the Microsoft Ecosystem, you can bet that it easily integrates with other apps in the system. It’s straightforward to use, which allows even the newcomers to fully realize the potential of the platform. As if that wasn’t enough, you can expect Microsoft Azure to see plenty of support down the line.


There’s no denying that Microsoft Azure is superior to Amazon Web Services, but the latter is still a decent choice. It just so happens that Microsoft Azure can help you manage your business with no issues.

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