Why Choose Xamarin For Your Cross-Platform App Development In 2022?

Mobile apps are an essential part of businesses today. However, deciding which platform best suits their business requirements is the real challenge. A wrong choice leads to Mobile app failure and eventually business failure.

A study reveals that 80% of businesses are focusing on developing cross-platform applications that support multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows.

Wondering why?

Cross-platform apps are flexible, user-friendly, easy to use, and let you save both time & money.

There are a number of cross-platform frameworks available, popular ones being Xamarin, Flutter, React Native, etc.

Among all mentioned above, Xamarin is gaining a lot of popularity among developers. The reasons are quite obvious. It facilitates the lightning-fast performance of your mobile app and is the most cost-effective.

Here in the blog, we are guiding you through the reasons why Xamarin is the great pick for your mobile app development and how you can hire Xamarin app coders at your budget price.

Who All Are Using Xamarin?

Xamarin has been used by some of the top companies listed below-

  • The World Bank Survey
  • Storyo App
  • Fresh Direct App
  • Just Giving
  • Skulls of the Shogun Gaming App
  • Alaska Airlines

Why Choose Xamarin? Top Reasons to Consider

Here are some biggest reasons why you must use Xamarin for your next cross-platform app :

  1. One App for All

Xamarin best fits businesses looking for one app to run on all available platforms.  It runs on multiple devices, browsers & platforms and is an all-in-one solution for every business needs.

  1. Faster App Development

Xamarin lets you build advanced & powerful apps that best suit your unique business needs. The technology uses Visual Studio & C# language. This enables the implementation & task handling much faster.

  1. Less time to build

C# and the .NET framework offer a reliable developing environment for all mobile platforms and Xamarin uses them both. This enables simplified sharing of codes across multiple mobile platforms & thus takes much less time in app development.

  1. Great Flexibility

Xamarin’s open source feature & useful resources like cross-platform libraries, UI controls, and third-party web services offer you the flexibility to choose components according to your requirements and gives you a native-like performance.

  1. Data Security

Xamarin offers fool-proof security of your app data as it comes with deep integration of Azure Cloud.

  1. Native-like performance 

Xamarin makes it possible to access each and every native API. You get to use native UI, Bluetooth, SDKs, specific APIs, etc. It’s more than a native app.

  1. Less maintenance

Maintaining and updating Xamarin apps is a matter of a few clicks. You just have to make changes to our source file and the change will be reflected in all of your apps.

  1. Easy to Update

Xamarin takes very little time to update to the latest version of iOS and Android platforms. This is certainly due to its native app capabilities.


Xamarin is undoubtedly a win for all your business app expectations. Looking to hire the best Xamarin team for your business app?

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