Why Content Geared To Men is a Growing Business Online

Creating content specifically for men can be a great business solution for growing businesses. It is one of many solutions that you can apply to further increase sales, brand awareness, audience reach, and so on. That said, content geared to men can be rather monotone if not handled properly. After all, diversifying your content is still key to building a successful business. 

In this article, we are going to learn more about content geared to men and why it is great for growing a business online. Hopefully, this article can convince you why creating content only for men isn’t a bad idea at all.

You can be more specific with your content

Obviously, by creating content only for men, you can be much more specific. You can forget talking about many other irrelevant things that men don’t care about. For the record, men like to hear about the benefits that are relevant and functional to them. For example, how body wash can wash away the first and make them look cleaner and more presentable, or how face wash products can make them look younger. 

Basically, you can be more straightforward with your content. Cut all the irrelevant fluffs and be more concise. You can jump straight ahead to functionality rather than aesthetics. Of course, it will also depend on what kind of product or service you are selling, but this is generally true for many types of businesses. If you want to learn how men think and how you can cater to them, check out A Guy Blog.

Men are now more open about their emotions

Without a doubt, men today are different from men a century ago. Nowadays, men are more open about their emotions and what they want in life. This also means that we get to know that not all men are the same. Some men would rather pursue their passion rather than just chase after women. By catering to men alone, you can still cover various topics, including using different types of online marketing.

The age of women as the most profitable gender is over. Now men are buying all kinds of products, from the usual masculine products to beauty products. There are many brands that have realized this and have begun to take advantage of it, such as Gillette and Old Spice. 

Men-dominated entertainments

When it comes to entertainment, there are just so many of them that are dominated by men. Some biggest examples are video games, certain genres of movies, and sports. There might be many other entertainments out there that are dominated by men, feel free to do your research on this topic.

So, now that we know which entertainments are dominated by men, you can easily create content geared to men and grow your business online. I don’t think that you will ever run out of ideas when it comes to entertainment. There is always something you can cover, be it new or old. 

The content is still evolving

If you are worried about whether content geared to men is going to stagnate, you don’t need to worry. To this day, people and brands are trying to find ways to change how they portray men in media. Everyone is basically trying to reevaluate how they portray men in advertisements. What this means for you is that content geared to men is going to keep changing. Perhaps, in a few years from now, we are going to more and more new changes that can further enhance many businesses online.

The evidence of this can already be observed today. Just like what I have mentioned above, some brands are already covering this topic. They really want people to know that things are going to change, especially the way they portray men in media. So you don’t have to worry about whether you will have enough room to grow and diversify your content.


Creating content geared to men can definitely be the solution to growing your business. If you play your cards correctly, you can certainly gain a lot of profit by catering to men. Also, don’t forget to keep monitoring the latest developments in men’s products and services.

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