Why Digital Marketing Is the Best Way to Drive Business Growth In 2020

Marketing aims to connect with the target audience in a way that encourages the maximum conversions. It is but natural that with the target audience spending more time than ever before on digital channels, marketers will find it more productive to engage them there. Because of the deep penetration of the internet and the widespread popularity of digital platforms like websites, email, social media, etc.

Digital marketing today is the number one method adopted by marketers, both in the B2C and B2B segments for reaching out to their existing and potential customers. An analysis of the main reasons for marketers to use digital marketing to drive business growth in 2020 and beyond:

Connects with the Target Audience Faster

One of the most significant benefits of using digital marketing is that campaigns can be put together and implemented very quickly in comparison to conventional marketing channels like TV or print that needs to be scheduled well in advance.

The immediacy of digital media permits marketers to address the needs, wants, and concerns of their target audience very quickly and ensures that business is perceived as more responsive to customers. The ability to connect faster with their audiences also means that marketers can take advantage of the prevailing fads and trends in the market to connect better with them.

The ability to connect in real-time with the target audience permits building a higher level of engagement that leads to better brand loyalty and ultimately, better conversions.

Permits Marketers a Very Wide Reach

Digital marketing has empowered small businesses to rise above the constraints of their budgets and compete with businesses many times their sizes simply because they can use the very same digital marketing techniques and platforms to reach out to their target audience.

Now businesses do not have to remain restricted to catering to local customers but can expand their marketing footprint, if they wish, to customers spread all across the world. The ability to define their reach gives marketers an unbeatable advantage when connecting and interacting with potential customers because they can now address only the customers, they want without wasting their marketing budget.

Using a competent digital marketing agency Auckland, local businesses can also connect with the audiences in their area that have the maximum potential for generating revenues.

Get the Advantage of Optimizing Campaigns with Analytics 

Among the biggest reasons why digital marketing is all the rage with businesses globally is that they can measure the performance of their marketing campaigns in real-time and optimize their performance very quickly.

Now marketers can know exactly how many people have clicked on their online advertisements, visited their website, which pages they have visited and how much time they have spent on each of them, which products they have clicked on, the products they have bought, and even the products they may have added to their shopping carts but not checked out.

Marketers can also find out the locations of the customers visiting your website, the source of the traffic, the number of customers who didn’t wait for the website to load, and much more.

The same also holds good for email campaigns that deliver among the highest ROIs in digital marketing and social media marketing that is all the rage now.

According to https://www.statista.com, the number of email users is 3.9 billion, a good indicator of the opportunities in front of digital marketers. The breakup of all the traffic-related information allows savvy marketers to quickly figure out what is working for them and what is not so that they can fix the weak spots promptly and optimize their marketing campaigns.

Maximizes the impact of the Marketing Budget

The main problem of conventional marketing was that it was very difficult to target specific groups of consumers and this led to a very high amount of wastage of the budget. For example, an advertisement for a car model in the newspaper not only gets seen by people who may be in the market for a car but also by the rest of the people who have absolutely no interest in the product.

With digital marketing techniques, you can address the communication in a way that only people who are interested in buying cars in the short-term get to see and interact with them. Even though email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing techniques, it still delivers the highest return on investment with its capability of being specifically targeted and customized to the interests and needs of the recipients.

Similarly, the engagement of social media and the facility it gives marketers to respond to user comments and feedback in real-time is a big plus for marketers with limited budgets.


The better marketers can address their target audiences with customized content and interact with them to resolve their concerns; the better is the quality of the engagement that is so critical for marketers competing in a cluttered and noisy environment.

Digital marketing provides marketers the opportunity of increasing their brand awareness, increasing brand loyalty, and boosting conversions while reducing budgetary wastage.

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