Why Do Dogs Lick You When You Pet Them?

One of the most uncomfortable questions that pet owners have is why do dogs lick you? Although this behaviour can be embarrassing to some, it is a normal response for a dog when they are feeling particularly vulnerable or when they are feeling particularly aggressive. Most dogs will lick you if they are feeling secure and relaxed. However, some dogs lick you when they are feeling threatened or nervous.

  • Reasons for it 

The reason that dogs lick you is that they need to get rid of excess moisture and bacteria around their lips and mouth. The best way to reduce this is to keep your hands away from your dog’s face while you pet them. If you accidentally grab your dog’s face, don’t let it happen. This will only irritate and may make them lick you in response. Also, do not allow other humans, including members of the family to get too close to your dog while they are grooming or bathing them.

  • Second reason

Another reason why your dog may lick you is that they are playing with you.. This can be especially true when they receive attention from their owner for any manner of reason. This can be very distracting to the dog, especially when the dog is licked or petted inappropriately. Dogs should always be given appropriate space when they are playing with you.

Some dogs might be afraid or anxious when you touch them in ways that you might find embarrassing. However, this should not discourage you from trying to touch your pet in a way that is more comfortable for him or her. You can massage your dog gently on their back or their hind legs. When you rub your hand along their back or on their hind legs, you can easily see how they feel. Therefore, you can determine whether or not they are comfortable with your touching them when you pet them.

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  • Reason Three 

In addition, some dogs might lick you if they become excited or fearful. This is very common among younger dogs. Therefore, they lick you when you pet them to get your attention.

Finally, some dogs lick you when they are feeling particularly ill. You might notice that your dog has less energy than usual. He or she may have trouble breathing as well. Therefore, the dog might lick you when they feel weak and need more attention.

  • Fourth Reason 

You need to know why a dog licks you when you pet them. First, it allows them to get your attention in a way that other dogs cannot. Second, they use their tongue or their teeth to lick you. Finally, if they feel extremely sick, they will lick you in an attempt to bring themselves back to health.

Hopefully, by now you understand the answer to the question, “Why do dogs lick you when you pet them?” If you do not believe that the dog needs to be the centre of attention, then they should not be the one licking you when you pet them. On the other hand, if the dog is sick or underweight, then you should allow them to lick you. It is up to you to make sure that they are healthy enough to eat and to be able to keep themselves clean.

  • Fifth Reason

You can tell whether your dog is licking you because they have matted hair or they are not happy with you petting them. When you pet them, pay attention to the way they move and the way they scratch you. They may be licking you on purpose. If they lick you on your arm or somewhere else, then they do not like you. They may also be licking you because they are feeling warm. There are many different reasons for a dog to lick you and there are many different reasons for them to be feeling warm.

When a dog licks you, this means that he feels very good. When you pet a dog, they love to be touched but they also love being rewarded with petting. When you touch a dog and he likes being touched, then you are getting him in the mood for loving and caring. This is why he likes to lick you


Dogs lick you because they are using their rough tongue to get rid of fleas and ticks on you, to mark their territory, and to greet you and pet you. It is a natural behaviour that dogs use so that they can tell you that they are happy to see you or that they are happy to be petted. The only way to stop a dog from licking you is to stop petting them. When a dog does this, you should say “NO” quickly and return your focus to the dog. Once the dog knows that you will not just give them your hand and then pet them, they will stop licking you.

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