Why do People Buy Twitch followers?

Twitch is one of the most famous streaming platforms, especially streaming of games along with other real-life content. It is one of the fewest sites that provide the streamers the chance to interact with their audience via live chat while broadcasting gameplays.

In this article we are going to discuss why do people buy twitch followers. Well, people buy twitch followers to get famous and increase their popularity and visibility in search engines. In this way, multiple monetization opportunities open up for them. However, it’s important to note that buying followers goes against Twitch’s terms of service and can result in penalties. Organic growth and genuine engagement are generally more valuable and sustainable in the long run.

Reasons of Buying Twitch Followers

There is no doubt in the fact that people buy Twitch followers and viewers and there are multiple reasons for it. Some of them are written below:

To Become Famous: Having a large number of followers, views, likes and comments can create the perception of popularity and attract genuine followers and monetization opportunities.

Boost credibility: A high follower count can enhance a streamer’s credibility, making them more appealing to potential sponsors, advertisers, and collaborators.

Increase visibility: Channels with a larger number of followers often receive priority from Twitch’s algorithms, which makes it more convenient for them to appear in search results and attract organic viewership.

To Become an Influencer: A significant follower count can serve as social proof, influencing others to follow and engage with a streamer’s content.

Multiple Income Streams: A larger following can lead to increased collaborations, subscriptions, and ad revenue, creating multiple streams of income for streamers.

Is Buying Twitch Followers Legal?

When it comes to buying followers and views for social media handles, it’s important to invest in real time engagement and genuine people so that the follower count benefits you. Otherwise, there are chances of your twitch or any other social media account getting banned as well. Therefore, it is very important to buy followers from authentic sources who provide active users who will actually engage with your content.

If you are a streamer on twitch and you buy followers from fake or inactive accounts, you might see a temporary increase in your follower count. However, over time, you’ll likely experience a drastic drop in engagement on your channel. Twitch will eventually remove many of these accounts, which means you’ll end up with fewer followers and a weaker community.

To make sure you’re making a good investment in your channel, choose a package that provides real followers with real accounts. These genuine followers will interact with your content, help build your community, and contribute to the growth of your channel over time.

Where to Buy Twitch Followers From?

Buying followers is a common practice these days across all social media sites. Although, one has to be really careful when it comes to buying twitch followers as fake and inactive users may result in the banning of streamers’ twitch accounts. Following are the websites where you can buy authentic and active twitch followers from.

  • GrowthMouth
  • Stormlikes.net
  • Social-viral.com
  • Followers.io
  • SocialBoss.org
  • FeedPixel.com


Growth Mount is one of the best twitch followers providers out there. This site offers legit and active follower accounts with real-time engagement. What makes them different from other providers is that their followers don’t back-off and are non-droppable.  Their pricing is extremely affordable and they offer a seamless experience to their buyers. They have 97% positive reviews on their website showing customer satisfaction and happy clients.

The company offers 24/7 customer care and smooth delivery of services, therefore, if you are looking for Twitch follower providers, do consider GrowthMount, they also provide twitch viewers.


Stormlikes.net is a highly regarded platform for purchasing Twitch followers, video views, and live viewers, delivering affordable packages with near-instant results. As a multi-platform social media growth company, they offer a wide range of packages to increase your presence and prominence on popular platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. With the option to start small, you can buy as few as 100 Twitch followers or 500 views, making it an accessible and cost-effective choice for building your online empire.


Social-viral.com is a trustworthy platform for purchasing Twitch views and followers. Their user-friendly website makes it easy to navigate and learn how to buy viewers on Twitch. They offer a variety of affordable packages to choose from. When you buy Twitch viewers from Social-viral.com, you can expect high-quality engagement from genuine accounts. Moreover, they also assist in extending your reach to other popular social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and even Spotify.


Followers.io is also a great website to buy twitch followers from. Buyers don’t have to worry about what type of followers they need to have in their audience. The Followers.io team itself analyzes the kind of content streamers are putting out and which followers suit that profile. In this way, streamers can focus on strategic aspects of their profile and content. Not only this, followers.io also helps their users increase their engagement as they have authentic accounts.


By purchasing Twitch followers and views from SocialBoss.org, you can significantly enhance your live streams. The reason behind this is that the site strictly avoids the use of Twitch viewer bots, ensuring that you receive genuine engagement and interactions. This means that the followers and views you obtain will be from real accounts, making a genuine impact on your Twitch channel.


Just like the above-mentioned websites, FeedPixel.com also provides affordable packages and authentic and active followers with real time engagement. You further enhance your live streams by utilizing chatbot chatters to create interactive and engaging chat experiences for your viewers.

Final Verdict

People buy twitch followers to boost their online presence and credibility, to become influencers and prominent, to open the gate to opportunities like collaborations etc. and to make multiple streams of income using this social media platform. However, it’s extremely important to buy twitch followers from authentic platforms that provide genuine and active accounts which result in real time engagement. In this article, we have discussed the best and reliable websites you can buy twitch followers from.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do people buy twitch followers?

People buy twitch followers to boost their online presence and credibility, to become influencers and prominent, to open the gate to opportunities and to make multiple streams of income.

  • Can I get banned on twitch for buying followers?

If you buy followers from unreliable platforms, there are chances of your account getting banned.

  • Is it illegal to buy twitch followers?

If you buy them from non-trustworthy websites that use view bot twitch, then chances are that you may get banned.

  • When will I start making money on twitch?

You at least need to have 300 to 500 active people viewing and engaging with your content in able for you to start monetizing your channel on twitch.

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