Why Do You Need An Explainer Video For Your 2021 Marketing Campaign

As we stand on the threshold of 2021, we know the digital landscape has gone through some enormous changes over the past 10 years. Everyone now uses the internet to shop, gather information, work online, have fun, interact with other people, and learn many new things.

With these technological changes, video has become a critical part and valuable tool for our brands. Not only do we learn new things, but we also teach others new things this way.  Video allows us to promote our products in an enticing way, and entertain along the way.

If you are new to the world of explainer videos, we hope this information will be instructive. If you want your company’s video to stand out but are not sure how to make it happen,  Contact the INOVIT company about Explainer Video. They are there to help companies make the most of their marketing campaign.

Explainer Videos Are Leading The Way

While videos have been around for a while, explainer videos are now leading the way as the most effective approach to get your business and products out to the public. You are now able to further engage your audience, bring awareness to your brand, and definitely increase your conversions.  You get all this and so much more from explainer videos!

Even though it’s been shown how effective these videos are, not everyone understands why they are so powerful.  We have put together some valuable information to help you understand videos and help you map out your plans while approaching 2021 marketing strategies.

Back in 2019, the average amount of time spent watching videos was around 84 minutes each day.  That number is expected to explode over 100 minutes in 2021.  Marketers have noticed the growing trend and have already started to include more video content in the marketing plans.

It seems that explainer videos are dreams come true for most business owners when it comes to performance! There is no doubt, these videos are the most popular choice when it comes to marketing. They are excellent choices for marketers describing their brands in regards to what they do or what they have to offer others who are looking for a solution for their problems. Marketers can showcase their products in a way that is clearly understandable to others and deliver their messages in an entertaining way.

Audiences seem to love this format and studies have shown that 79% of people like to watch an explainer video to learn about a new product or find a solution for their problem than read a text message.

When talking about delivering results, explainer videos have taken the lead. Forbes said that comparing other videos with explainers there is no match.  Explainers are generating more ROI and over 80% boosting conversion rates. On top of these stats – Google embraces websites with video content.  Just embedding a portion on your landing page can improve your organic rankings with Google!

What Is It About Explainer Videos Working So Well?

The numbers speak for themselves. There is little to nothing that can stand up in such an effective way as explainers! Explainer videos are exactly what they say, they are short, animated videos that companies use to explain their complex ideas, products, or services in a simple way that others will understand and find engaging.  An explainer video that is created in an educated way and attracts audiences is a company’s absolute solution that will stay with their targeted audience. The key word is “well-executed”.  So, what does that mean?

Simplistic –

When someone creates a really good explainer video, they are taking the most confusing, complex ideas into something the audience can understand. If done correctly, you will not bore your audience with drawn out explanations so refrain from going over the top with technical mumbo-jumbo.  You must keep it simplistic and interesting, to achieve this you can always rely on tools such as a video animation maker.

Narrative –

To engage, connect, and leave an impact on your audience, you need to send a very clear message.  Therefore, it’s really important that you have a well-written script to work with that offers a persuasive storyline which is actually the core of the video. Simply put, an excellent storyline or storytelling makes all the difference!

Length –

In a nutshell, all videos should be short!  Specifically, explainer videos are meant to help people understand your valuable proposition and spark your audience’s interest in a very short period of time.  The perfect length should be approximately 90 to 120 seconds long but the specifics could vary according to what you need.

Quality –

It doesn’t matter if you are promoting the latest product or a super software, online your brand’s dependability and reliability is tied to your content quality. Never sell your product short by using generic content! It doesn’t matter if it’s animated or live-action, make sure it’s good and come across as a skilled video production company that will always deliver the very best quality that works for you.

Be Targeted –

Bottom line, if you want results, you must know your audience and make your video something that speaks directly to them. Keep your content tailored to your audience to hold their attention and convince them to take action.

Keep Your Online World Always Evolving 

This is probably the best way to describe this digital age. Just when you think you have finally figured it out, trends can turn around and change.  Staying on top makes things a lot more fun and challenging for business owners and marketers.

Explainer videos will offer you a great tool to make the perfect sales pitch without coming across as a “sales” pushing annoyance.  You can easily introduce your brand, what you are about, and how you can solve your customer’s problems in a dependable and reliable way. Above and beyond that, this tool will give businesses and owners the chance to be innovative and creative Always make sure to have fresh content to represent yourself online.  Keeping your message fresh can also set you apart from the competition.

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