Why does your Business Need A HOT Desking Booking System?

office with hot desks

COVID-19 has transformed the way how offices work. From starting with working from home to a hybrid model of working to being fully technology based. The Gen-Z today is more inclined to opt for a more hybrid work environment where they can build connections with other people, which is sine-a-qua-non for growth in this corporate world. The product that has promoted the office-going trend is hot desk booking software

What is Hot Desking System?

The trend of the Hot Desking system arose in the 1990s that has now evolved drastically with the advent of COVID-19 to fit in with varied organizational structures and workspaces. Hot-Desking refers to an organizational system where employees can book any available desks for their work instead of working on a desk assigned to them. In simple language with Hot Desking Booking System, all the desks are accessible to all the employees that can be reserved for a specified period.

Reasons to consider before adopting a hot desking booking system:

There are several advantages and disadvantages associated with Hot Desking. Let us look at a few of them.

Advantages of Hot Desking

The contemporary world is such that traditional offices exist no more. The rapid shift has been towards a more hybrid work model, in which not every employee chooses to work from the office. Thus, reducing the need for a permanent desks system. The rising favouritism for Hot Desking System is clear evidence of its popularity in modern workspaces. The advantages of this system are: 

  • Cost-Efficient
  • Promotes agile and flexible workforce
  • Fosters a cooperative environment
  • Better communication

Disadvantages of Hot Desking

Just like a coin has two sides, Hot Desking also has its disadvantages, which are as:

  • Lack of personalisation
  • Conflict Possibility
  • Requires fresh IT solutions
  • Safety and Health Concerns

How does Hot Desking Benefit your Organization? 

Although we have learned most of the advantages of a Hot Desking Booking System, let us now acknowledge the key benefits of Hot Desking.

  • Increased Collaboration and Better Communication:

Hot desking, being in vogue today, has encouraged people to collaborate, share their knowledge, and promote a more social office culture. With this system, people from different branches in an office can communicate effectively and know the members, not only from their team but from the organization as a whole. This helps to develop a new relationship, reduces time-consuming meetings, and encourages more one-to-one interactions. 

There are numerous Hot-Desking systems available in the market today. Like Veris Desks has features like seating maps, on-spot booking, and find my friend, which makes it more manageable for employees to connect with their team members. 

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Compared to traditional offices, hot desking has significantly helped organizations worldwide in managing their workspaces more efficiently. Did you know that Hot Desking Booking System has reduced the cost of running an office by 30%? Now, organizations or companies don’t have to spend hefty amounts on buying furniture or expanding office space just because they have increased their workforce.

  •  Better Knowledge Better Performance

Fixed desks tend to make employees work in their own bubble, which used to be fruitful in traditional workplaces. But now, with the dawn of the hybrid work model booking desks through smartphones has promoted the employee’s productivity as they can choose where to work and whom to work with. Hence, advancing knowledge and information exchange in the process.

  • Neat and Clean Workstation

Since the employees don’t have a fixed spot for working in the workplace, hot desking promotes them to be more organized and tidier, and leave the desk ready for use for the next employee. With a hot desking system, the employees can’t leave their belongings on the desks, as they use the desk only for a  specified duration.

  • Freedom of choice in work-station

The employees have a variety of seating options with hot desks. It simply means that employees have the liberty to choose where and with whom they want to sit and work. They have the freedom to even sit aloof from other employees when the task at hand requires complete attention and focus. All-in-all hot desking has improved the productivity of the employees.


We have considered all the advantages and disadvantages of the Hot Desking Booking System. Now it’s for you to decide whether you want to keep working the old and traditional way or become more digitized and advanced, keeping in mind the cost to the company and the comfort of your employees as well.

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