Why Your Favorite Celebs Suddenly Look More Gorgeous

Have you ever wondered why your favorite celebrities suddenly look more gorgeous than ever before? If you’re not 100% sure why, I doubt you’ll assume they’ve had lots of plastic surgery. So why do they look so different all of a sudden? I bet they’ve had a small procedure that takes their looks to the next level without going too crazy. You’ll be able to copy your idols if you know their secrets, so let’s discuss what they’re not telling you.

Cosmetic Surgery - Look More Gorgeous
Image created by Market Business News.

Ponytail Facelift – Ariana Grande

Facelifts were once reserved for women close to retirement age, but now the procedure is being performed on females in their early 20s. The reason it’s called a ponytail facelift is that it looks like someone is yanking on the person’s ponytail. Younger women have more elastic tissue, so it’s pulled up a lot during the procedure. If you look at before and after photos of Ariana Grande, I’m sure you’ll agree she’s had facial surgery.

Fox Eyelift – Bella Hadid

We know rhinoplasty surgeons are masters of reshaping noses until they look perfect, but surgeons can even change the shape of your eyes. If you look at photos of Bella Hadid, you’ll probably think she’s an expert at putting on makeup. Unfortunately, if you want to create the same look, you’ll likely need a fox eyelift. A surgeon will change the tilt of your eyes, which creates a slightly more slanted appearance. Your eyes will also look a little bigger and brighter.

Hair Transplant – Naomi Campbell

It’s normally men we notice going bald, but it affects a huge number of women too. In younger women, it usually happens for one of two reasons. If you dye your hair all the time, it might start to fall out one day. It can also happen once you’ve had a child. Luckily, if you get a hair transplant, your head will look better than ever once it’s healed. Naomi Campbell is one of the most beautiful women in the world, and she has admitted to having a hair transplant in the past.

Sculptra Body Contouring – Kendall Jenner

Liposuction can help someone achieve better curves, but it’s best when paired with something like Sculptra body contouring. Kendall Jenner used to look very thin, but one day she suddenly had curvy hips. When someone develops curves out of nowhere, it’s usually because they’ve had dermal fillers injected into their body, so it’s not just for facial tweaks. Sadly, the procedure costs quite a bit of money, and it only lasts for a few years.

Small Breast Implants – Olivia Rodrigo

Luckily, it’s not popular for women to get large breast implants that don’t suit them. In the early 2000s, it was still a common occurrence. It’s better to get smaller breast implants today. Even though they’ll look a lot more natural, everyone will still notice them. If you don’t want to get plastic implants placed inside your body, fat transfer will allow you to go up a cup size. It’s like liposuction, but they inject the fat back into your breasts.

If you opt for any of these procedures, it might give your body the final touch you’ve been waiting for. Even if you get one of them, it will make a huge difference.