Why Have Ebikes Boom In Recent Years?

The demand for electric bikes in all parts of the world is on a rise. When you look around, you will realize that more people are accepting this wonderful piece of innovation, as a viable means of transportation. With various slick designs and amazing features, e-bikes have come to stay.

Electric bikes are powered by batteries instead of the traditional pedal system alone. They come in different designs with different basic functionalities. You will find folding bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrids. All offer different services and are useful for a variety of purposes.

What makes e-bikes unique is their ability to adapt considerably to all types of terrain and road surfaces. On getting to a steep or hilly area, you won’t have to push your bikes up the hill, as e-bikes are loaded with enough juice to boost you up the hill.

With this added advantage, electric bikes are fast replacing traditional bikes. This growing trend is a result of several factors, some of which will be discussed in this article. We will also be examining the benefits of electronic bikes and the various factors driving the electric bike boom.

Why have E-bikes Boom In Recent Years?

E-bikes are quickly becoming a mainstay in most homes for various reasons. Some of these reasons include:


With the ongoing depletion of the ozone layer due to the release of toxic fumes all over the world, countries, and manufacturers are employing techniques to stem the tide. Part of which includes the design of devices and machines that give zero emissions.

Unlike motorcycles that run on combustion engines, electric bikes are powered solely by electricity via the means of batteries. This makes them a more acceptable option. Cost Effectiveness

Comfort and Durability

Electric bikes are sustainable and easier to maintain than traditional bikes. The lower cost ensures that buyers save more by choosing the e-bike option. Electric bikes are cheaper when you compare their price to the cost of gasoline and diesel engine bikes.

Naturally, buyers will prefer to go for the cheaper option provided they get similar value for their money. This in a way has contributed to the boom of electric bikes in recent times.

Longer Range

Electric bikes can go for extremely long ranges without a drop in their performance or efficiency. Premium electric bikes like the Himiway Cobra go for as long as 80 miles. That’s quite a distance, and you can imagine the sore limbs you would have if you had to pedal for that long.

This ability to go for long distances is coupled with an extra boost of power to climb hills and other unfavorable terrains. Imagine the amount of fuel you would have to burn if you had been using a motorcycle. The electric bike edges in this regard and is usually preferred as a result

Health Benefits

Generally, cycling is a good form of exercise. It works on the muscles of the lower body while strengthening your core and getting your heart pumping. Also for aging bikers who may not have the strength to cycle for long distances, the electric bike fits in as a good substitute.

Advantages of E-bikes


E-bikes are fast and are capable of going 20mph. With the throttle feature, more power is released to the wheels and the electric bike is propelled to move faster and edge out the competition in no time.

For traditional bikes, the speed at which your bike moves is dependent on how fast you pedal it, and after pedaling for long periods chances are that one would get tired. This is not the case with electric bikes as the battery keeps you going, reducing the effort put into pedaling.


When compared to alternatives such as traditional bikes or motorbikes, ebikes are cheaper or even cost the same price as traditional bikes. Also, maintenance is cheaper and unlike the diesel or gasoline bike, you won’t have to buy fuel to get it running.


The effects of global warming and carbon emissions on our environment are major concerns that require swift action. Eco-friendly alternatives that do not have an effect on the environment such as the e-bike are being adopted.

Electric bikes use electricity provided by batteries to run, and they do not give off toxic carbon fumes.

Flexible and adaptable

Another major advantage of e-bikes is their flexibility and adaptability. Ebikes can adjust steadily to all types of terrains without losing efficiency. Traditional bikes can not go up a hill no matter how fast you pedal. This is not the case with ebikes.

E-bikes come with throttles to boost the release enough power to boost the wheels up a hill. Also, when dealing with uneven or bumpy roads, ebikes can power up and jump over them.

What’s Driving The Electric Bike Boom?

The boom in the acceptance and sales of e-bikes is no longer a secret, but you may wonder why this is the case. Here are a few reasons why the electric bikes market is booming currently:

Manufacturers making versions of existing traditional ones

The first major reason why there is a boom in the sales of electronic bikes is that manufacturers of known traditional bikes are producing battery-powered versions of their products.

Almost all major manufacturers are following this trend and as a result, more cyclists are opting for e-versions due to their numerous advantages.

A good alternative for aging bikers

Cycling is fun, no doubt, but we can’t deny its effect on the limbs, especially as one grows older. In most cases, strength wanes and cycling becomes a bit more difficult. Electric Bikes possess a pedal assistant mechanism that helps aging bikers when cycling.

This makes it a preferred choice for older bikers.

Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic altered our way of living in almost all parts of the world. For a long, the whole world was on lockdown, and movement was restricted to a great extent. During this period, many of us added a few pounds due to inactivity.

When the lockdown was lifted, most people sort out different means to exercise their bodies to get back in shape and e-bikes came to the rescue. Cycling is a great form of exercise and ebikes were highly requested for as a result.

An acceptable means of contact-free transportation

As the world learns to live with the Covid-19 virus, protective measures have been put in place to mitigate its spread. One of the most important rules we have had to adhere to is physical distancing.

Since we still have to move around, E-bikes provide a safe means of transportation that helps us escape the hassles of using buses or other contact-prone modes of transportation.

They are more environmentally friendly

One of the major drivers of the electric bike market is the growing awareness of the need to protect our planet. The world is moving towards cleaner and more environmentally friendly devices. This is done to achieve zero emissions and while more trees are planted to recover air purity.


Electric Bikes are efficient and resourceful. With the current trend in the market, it is highly unlikely that there will be a reduction in its demand. New and more sophisticated designs are made daily, and the best we can do is to enjoy everything this wonderful machinery has to offer.

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