Why Hiring a St. Petersburg Car Accident Lawyer Raises the Odds of a Lucrative Claim?

When you have been a part of a car accident in St. Petersburg, you will realize that it is not just the trauma of the accident that is dreadful; it is the aftermath that leaves you more bogged down and pressured.

There are reasons why we say so.

  1. The insurance company of the other driver or yours hire the best of professional insurance adjusters and attorneys who start work on your claim the moment they receive the file.
  2. Insurance adjusters are qualified and learned professionals who have the best interest of the insurance company in their mind when they come and meet you. They may act friendly and concerned, but they have their limitations. Finally, they intend to ensure that the estimations are prepared in a way that the insurance company has to make minimum claim settlement,
  3. From recording your statement just after the accident to pressurizing you to accept the first offer, the insurance company will do almost everything under the sun to ensure that you agree with their terms and conditions.

So, what is your way out? Having an experienced and knowledgeable St. Petersburg Car Accident Lawyer can be the source of big relief for you and your injury claim. Yes, hiring the right car accident lawyer can meaningfully impact your claim amount.

Planning to handle a team of competent lawyers and adjusters hired by a billion-dollar insurance company is not the smartest decision. No law makes it mandatory for you to hire the services of a professional lawyer – so, you are free to go ahead on your own. But, considering that you have considerably less experience and knowledge of the laws of the land, you are completely in their mercy, in their hands, giving them the power to do all sorts of permutation and combination with your claim. From using professional language to pressurization tactics, the insurance company’s team can make your life difficult and, in the end, payout just a small percentage of your actual claim amount.

On the other hand, if you hire a professional St. Petersburg car accident lawyer, you will take every step after considering all legal angles. Your lawyer will throw light on every aspect of the case – starting from helping you understand the legal terms of your insurance papers. To estimate the claim amount, negotiate wholeheartedly with the insurance company’s team to get you a justified amount in the end. The lawyer will prevent you from accepting any offer outright from the insurance company or carrier, knowing fully well that they move fast to take advantage of the precarious situation of the victim. The faster settlement means that they do not have to pay for any future health prognosis or medical treatment. Also, immediately after the accident, the victim is most vulnerable, and insurance companies know this well. Therefore, they tend to make nuisance value offers.

An erudite car accident lawyer will prevent you from falling easy prey to such misleading offers and traps. Remember that if you have already taken an offer and got paid, a car accident lawyer in St. Petersberg cannot help you later because you would already be signed on the legal papers by then. So, when you have time on your hand, you must appoint a knowledgeable lawyer to help you out.

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