Why I Choose to Use Breastfeeding Bassinets: A Mom’s Perspective

As mothers, we have an innate desire to nourish our children. Breastfeeding is one way we can do that. It provides a physical and emotional connection between mother and baby and many benefits for the baby, such as improved cognitive development.

However, there are some obstacles to breastfeeding, such as returning to work or traveling with your baby. However, there are ways around these barriers.

For example, you could pump breast milk before you go and ship it in dry ice to your destination, so you don’t have to worry about formula at all while you’re gone.

For mamas who can’t leave their babies either because of their job or parenting situation, breastfeeding bassinets would be ideal for enabling them to breastfeed more often.

What is the best bassinet for breastfeeding?

We found the best breastfeeding bassinet at Baby Trend. It has many similarities with a traditional bassinet because you can fold it and store it away. It also has a 360-degree swivel and bassinet massage function.

It also has swivel side rails which you can use to keep your baby safe while they sleep! We also like that it has storage compartments. These three features make this bassinet the best one we have tested in our group testing.

It is easy to use and comes with a child-proof latch. This bassinet will last you for a very long time, and it’s very comfortable for you too! You should also check out review on bassinets and cots.

What about a Car Seat and a Jumperoo? You might also consider buying a car seat and a jumper to keep your baby happy.

Why did I choose to use a breastfeeding bassinet?

When I had my baby, I wanted to use an elective C-section for breastfeeding him. I did not plan on using a feeding chair at the beginning of my hospital stay. I was planning on going home as soon as possible with my baby.

Once he was in the delivery room, I told the doctors that I planned to go home as soon as possible with my son.

The doctors agreed. My partner and I were both uncomfortable in the hospital bed. We sat and lay down on the hospital bed for hours. We used the hospital curtains to keep some privacy.

There was just nothing comfortable about the hospital bed. We did not want to give up that bed and mattress for a feeding chair. I was an active participant in his birth. I did all the work. I took care of my baby as soon as he was born.

The importance of a calm and rested mom?

Some moms will tell you that breastfeeding in the middle of the night will help to calm their baby.

But, is it really possible? What about when a baby is awake and ready to cry? Is it better to let them cry or do something about it right away? If you ask me, it’s essential to recognize that every baby is different, and every mom knows her baby best.

If you have a hungry, tired baby, is it better to let them cry it out to get their needed milk (and time to rest)? Well, this mom decided that it was better to feed her baby to get the sleep they need to grow strong and healthy!

Breastfeeding at night and in the middle of the night, Before you start your baby off on breastfeeding, it’s good to know that it does have its benefits, as it was for this mom.

Setting up the bassinet for your newborn

After sterilizing the inside of the bassinets, you must set up everything in the room. Boppy pillows are beneficial for your lower back and buttocks when breastfeeding.

You can lean on them for support as your baby feeds. They also provide you with a comfortable place to sit. Comfortable and supporting clothes Slimming clothes with the backing for your nipples and body.

It will help keep your skin and the baby’s skin moisturized and maintain good blood circulation. Changing and cleaning clothes Most importantly, change your clothes and make sure you’re comfortable before feeding the baby.

Placing the bassinets This is the most crucial step. You must place the bassinets next to the bed or wherever you’re going to feed the baby.

What are the benefits of using a bassinet?

Very Portable: They are perfect for traveling to see grandparents and family members or a friend’s house. Accessible to Use: Babies just learn to get used to the bassinet in a short period. The sides can be adjusted accordingly.

This will help your baby sleep and stay healthy. Also, Read Natural Health Care: Natural Feeder Babies Effective: If you want your baby to sleep at night, a bassinet will definitely help you do it. Your baby can sleep more extended periods without waking up for feedings.

Enjoy: There is nothing better than sleeping next to your baby while you feed them. Your baby will feel secure, and you will have a feeling of comfort. For more information on safe bassinets, please visit bassinet.

Bassinets will keep your baby close to you.

It’s difficult to even carry your baby from your bedroom to the living room. This makes me feel guilty that my husband can be such a hands-on father. You will have a safer environment for the baby with the bassinet.

You are right; you do get nervous about taking your baby out of your house. A bassinet will allow you to carry your baby around while still having a safe environment for your baby to sleep in.

I also have to acknowledge the family member who helped us set up our baby’s bassinet. Thank you!

Are bassinets convenient for late-night?

Really? I mean, when you are a breastfeeding mother of two who wants to keep her sanity and body sane, a bassinet is really not convenient, nor is it efficient to breastfeed two babies in the same room.

The bassinet works excellent when breastfeeding and nursing. Still, it does not work when you are preparing bottles, and the formula is ready.

I understand your love for your little ones, but the bassinet will work really well for your little ones when you are breastfeeding. A bassinet is not efficient when you are preparing the formula. Really?

At this point, you may be thinking, “How do I have two babies in the same room and have them using formula at the same time?” Not so easy. Not so easy? I’m so confused now. Not so easy? I’m baffled.

Putting It In Your Living Room, Bedroom, or Hallway?

I never had a problem setting up a bassinet in our living room. Even with a small space and a baby that is not small, it was super easy to set up. I made my son a small play area in our living room with his play mat, her swing, and some toys.

At first, I kept the bassinet next to the couch to quickly reach out to my baby. But for safety reasons, it was suggested to put it next to the bed. We did this, and he is still sleeping in it as a 1-year-old.

He slept there for his first 6 months. What Are The Pros Of Using A Bassinet For Babies?

It’s more convenient to just reach out and bring the baby to you. It’s the best of both worlds. It saves your room and house because you can keep your baby close to you without disturbing the whole family.

Where should you buy your bassinet?

When buying a bassinet for your baby, be sure to read the packaging carefully. Find out the correct and helpful usage for it. Some may not be a good fit for your baby. You may have also asked yourself, which brand should I buy?

There are a few brands of bassinets that are really handy to us moms. These brands have been tested by breastfeeding moms to make sure they are safe. Below is my personal guide to choosing the best breastfeeding bassinet.

I hope it will help you to choose the best bassinet that fits your budget. Yocom Fortress bassinet: I have the best experience with this brand bassinet. It is suitable for newborns up to 6 months of age.

They have 3 different bassinet designs (5 models), making it very simple to find your pick.


So, this is the way I see it, and it was presented by myself. It was not forced. It wasn’t me saying, “this is how I do it and I’m the best.” I’m not perfect, but I’m thrilled with my choice of changing nappies and being with my baby as much as possible.

I’m learning to go with the flow. Maybe I can do better with some of the things I did, but overall, I feel this is a perfect routine. My name is Sophie, and this is my version of good sleep for us.

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