Why iRenting is the Perfect Choice for Tenants – UpperKey Explains the Endless Advantages of its High-Tech System

The way we live and budget for housing is changing. According to the latest US census report, the number of homeowners is dropping, and rentals are rising.

The reasons behind these latest figures could be down to investors expanding portfolios, the construction industry being unable to keep up with demand, and yet, there are further reasons that entertain those who don’t particularly want tying to a home long-term, for whatever their motivation.

Previous traditional systems—seemingly old and tired to many modern lifestyle hunters—are now being adapted and replaced to offer new generations of business travellers, professionals, homeworkers, and workationers with a simple to navigate system, providing beautiful home-from-homes at realistic price points.

iRenting – the PropTech answer for the digital nomad

Why the change? Well, for years, the business traveller had a limited set of options.

Usually, the best of the bad bunch was finding themselves in small, claustrophobic hotel rooms with scant facilities and high costs. For those who would stretch to a hotel suite with a level of facilities an apartment could offer and the much-needed space, the price tag shot even further up the scale.

While that was (almost) acceptable for short city visits and projects, any longer-term opportunities became excessively expensive, pushing those involved towards long-term rentals. While the initial costs dropped, the work involved and problems grew.

Long-term rental properties typically come unfurnished, with none of the utilities and amenities automatically in place. And what to do with the furniture and appliances accrued at the end of each term? Renting long term was a nuisance for roaming professionals.

What do tenants gain by iRenting their home-from-homes?

The term ‘home-from-home’ says it all.

With an iRental property, the tenant can move straight into a more appropriately sized apartment—with the space and privacy a hotel simply can’t match—without having any of the traditional worries of furnishing and tracking down and turning on each of the necessary utilities.

iRental properties are typically high-end. Not only do tenants walk into a fully operational, modern, and tastefully furnished apartment with high-speed Internet access, there’s likely to be a dedicated work area, fitness facility or home gym, Smart TVs and household appliances. There’s also someone at the end of the phone to help with anything else you might need.

With iRenting, all the usual issues tenants typically face are erased and replaced with a high-tech alternative to finding and renting apartments with ease—quickly and efficiently. They can find, tour, book, and pay for an apartment from a phone, tablet or laptop, and have their digital key delivered within the hour.

How’s that for flexibility and convenience of the highest order?

Who are these new types of tenants?

To be honest, they’re not new at all. As the property rental market moves through its latest round of changes and new opportunities become available for tenants, landlords, and agents, iRenting has fulfilled an expanding corner of the market beautifully.

Okay, there are plenty of people and practices that have earned trendy new buzzword labels, yet many of these lifestyles are ever-growing in popularity due to the changing expectations of Millennial and Gen Z philosophies.

  • Business travellers – Moving from location to location as part of their work role.
  • Sales staff and consultants – Consultancy and sales roles that dictate life on the road for practitioners.
  • Expats – Moving to or test-driving new locations with mid or long-term rents, without the hassle of long-distance removals.
  • Workationers – As working from home becomes more of a modern-day standard than ever, more families, couples, and singles are staying on holiday for longer, opting to work from their vacation property and exploring their vacation locations for extended periods.
  • Digital nomads – Workers who need nothing more than a digital connection to perform their daily roles have always been free to live wherever they want—and do, now, in luxury, via iRenting.
  • Students – iRenting offers a higher quality of life when studying long or short-term courses, internships, placements, and the flexibility to access modules in different locations.
  • Medical professionals – If required to relocate for new placements, they’ll find appropriate accommodation in close proximity to the hospitals they’re deployed to, faster and more efficiently through an iRental platform.

Whatever the reason for making their moves, and whatever the term of each stay, iRenting opens the door (no pun intended) to a far more accessible and stress-free way of finding and setting yourself up in a new, luxurious home-from-home.

When it comes to renting a property…

What could be better than moving into a modern, clean and safe, high-end apartment with nothing to worry about than what’s on TV or where you might go for dinner?

Well, for starters, how about being able to view each property online with a virtual tour? How about figuring out the heating console or coffee machine? There are online guides for every utility in every apartment for you to access whenever you need to.

iRentals are all fully equipped with everything you’ll need from the word go. There’ll be sheets on your bed and clean laundry in the cupboards, all the kitchen essentials, and in most cases, the latest tech—think espresso machines, virtual assistants, Smart TV, and access to entertainment packages. There’s also a team of support staff to reach out to if there’s anything you’re not 100% sure of.

Cleaning, maintenance, and upkeep are all managed digitally, so if you need an extra turndown, additional cleaning, or a fresh set of sheets, they’re accessible and automated by AI (artificial intelligence) at the click of a button.

Each agent is readily available to make sure tenants have access to everything they need, maintaining expert levels of support, ready to manage every need in all locations.

No more tired décor from landlords that have lost interest in their investment

It’s is the iRenting agent’s job to make sure each property is consistently booked throughout the year with reputable, high-quality tenants.

To attract such tenants, we make sure every property is designed and decorated to the highest standard. There’ll be no more complaining to the landlord about outdated wallpaper or discoloured paint—every apartment looks and feels like new (and often is!) for every tenant.

Neither is it the owner’s responsibility to modernize and maintain their property—it’s ours—and we make sure there isn’t a single thing out of place. It’s hard to imagine, but our system is so streamlined, we can furnish an empty apartment in under 48 hours, making it immediately habitable.

We’re also far more available and au fait with those changes and upgrades our tenants would like to see or make for themselves.

When it comes to moving home…

What was on your checklist when you last moved house?

  • Booking a vehicle to take your belongings, furniture, and more to the new property in the new location.
  • Packing and boxing such belongings for transit.
  • Making sure that there was going to be electricity, gas, phone, and Internet on arrival.
  • Setting up accounts for those utilities as well as the local taxes?
  • Meeting the property agent for handovers, going over the rules, paying deposits, and signing contracts.
  • Brightening the place up with a lick of paint to make it liveable or more homely?

Well, with iRentals there are no such issues with the furnishing, removal vehicles, packing or shipping appliances, and planning that the heating will work and the lights are on when you get there.

All documents are managed and signed online, and the property will be fully equipped with bedding, towels, kitchen utensils, and, in most cases, even a provision of food to get you started. As mentioned, you’ll have received your digital or access to a physical key (utilizing a nearby key box) within an hour of signing up.

The modern renter might never buy a single piece of furniture in their life, yet live at a level of luxury it could take years of saving to replicate. You can travel as light as you dare with nothing whatsoever to hold you back or slow you down.

When it comes to a lifestyle change…

Looking at our list of possible iRental tenants, it’s easy to become excited by a change in lifestyle and how easy it would be to embark upon such an adventure for yourself.

The beauty of our system is that you can dip your toe in and take as short or as long as a trial as you’d like.

There’s no need for complicated paperwork or searches long-term leases require, yet there’s still the flexibility of the type of short-term lets provided by Airbnb and similar holiday rental platforms.

Another surprising find due to the range of stunning properties we offer was that tenants often moved to new apartments within the same city. This type of modern professional lives to experience each new location, area, and culture. With the opportunity for a change of scenery and alternative facilities so easy to activate, we’ve found this is a trend on the rise.

With leases between 1 and 12 months, it leaves your options wide open for the next step in your adventure, with the luxurious lifestyle you deserve.

For iRental tenants, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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