Why is In-Transit Visibility Important?

If you have come across some expert suggestions, you might have heard about the perks of in-transit shipment visibility. Many experts have stated that visibility is one of the most important competitive advantages that you must have.

Tracking the shipment has been an important part of the supply chain management and control.

With the increase in customer service needs and requirements, it has challenged a lot of logistic vendors to find creative ways in order to cope with the different patterns of clients’ demands. The problems that you have identified must come up at certain points. Therefore, there is a need for a great solution that offers firms the ability to attain accurate data and insights in order to create a new strategy to adapt to future demands.

The visibility in the supply chain is a growing requirement from time to time. The peak increases of the demand started from early 2020, when people were dealing with the covid-19 for the first time.

In 2020, however, still less than 10 percent of the shipment companies have proclaimed to have real time visibility for their shipment services. In the US alone, only half of the companies already have automatic identification in-use. Globally, there is still few number of companies who have embraced the importance of the supply chain visibility.

In-transit visibility is not only relevant to the shippers but also the customers. Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the customers. As a buyer, you’d like to get updates about the products that you’ve bought online. You also want to know if the product conditions are good and not broken. The same thing also goes in many other countries, where they consider in-transit visibility a game changer. 

In-transit visibility can really change the direction of the supply chain in practice. To maintain good distribution practices, you will want to know the real-time situations revolving around the shipment. The supply chains and business owners need to know if there’s something wrong with the shipment. The quicker they find out the problem, the faster they are able to mitigate the risks and overcome the problem.

Real-time information will allow the owner of the project to maintain supply chain integrity and adapt to new demands. As mentioned, each customer might have more dynamic requirements. The tailored services will be more trustworthy and realiable with the in-transit visibility intact.

Real time visibility comes with the trusted and accurate information and actionable data which can lead you to the right decisions. the data will also give additional measurements for the shipment. From there, you’ll be able to fetch the in-transit risk information between outbound transportation and final destination.

Keep in mind that the accurate information and insights from the particular SCV software can come with great perks that you can use to improve your company’s process and growth.

These insights are indeed actionable and doable. You can have a beneficial advantage over your competitors thanks to the visibility of the supply chain. Most of the time, you will be able to glean useful information from the in-transit visibility.Visible data and analytics assist you and your business in improving agility and performance.

The solution from Agistix, for instance, already comes with an efficient system that is competitive in the market as well.

In-transit visibility users

The visibility of the shipments in transit can procure a lot of perks. It is indeed important because visibility in the supply chain has been one of the staples of business operations in various industries. Every provider has been using their own strategies to maintain the supply chain management services for security and privacy. 

The visibility itself is an important item in every supply chain. If you are like other business, chances are you and your team have been workin tirelessly to maintin the supply management to provide the vsibility.

Once your company reaches a high level of visibility, you won’t only bring the benefits to your customers, but also all of the participants involved in the supply chain.

The in-transit visibility can benefits various types of groups. Some experts even do not limit the ossibilities since all industries can really reap the benefits from high level of supply chain visibility. Some of the industries who have shared their successful stories are:


The organizations in the health sector have been dealing with emergency cases on a daily basis. Health clinics, hospitals, and other types of healthcare facilities would be heavily reliant on the shipments.Since they won’t be able to predict when the emergencies will occur, ordering and receiving the med packages on the same day is paramount for them.

The best way to provide the SCV is by automating the systems. With that particular strategy, healthcare organizations can take advantage of the benefits of the supply chain management software from Agistix to place their orders. They need a reliable service that can take care of their time-critical shipping. They can keep track of their orders by receiving real-time data.

There are also other factors to consider such as the delivery window and the dispatch time. It is important to make sure that the project owner has known about its risks so that they won’t fail to deliver good health services for their patients.

Commercial Airlines

When we talk about the relevance of in-transit viisbility in many industries, we can also include the commercial airlines in the example.

Through the utilization of the supply chain software from Agistix, they are able to receive real time information and insights of the urgent deliveries. By using the IoT sophisticated tool, they will also be able to enable devices to receive accuate information and track the progress although they are still in the air.  

Brands can maintain a strong client base by fulfilling the needs and requirements of their clients. When the critical deliveries are made and the customers are struggling to catch the plane, the airlines can quickly troubleshoot the problem with NFO, for instance.

Visibility in the airline industry has simplified the process of doing business. 

If you have business in other industry or niche, you also have the chance to improve your SCV. Reach out Agistix to get you on the right track now.