Why is Instagram important for small businesses?

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Instagram Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

For small businesses, Instagram is a boon as it is cheap and a great way to tap large and niche demographics. With the content boom, the social media platform offers very innovative and unique ways of advertising and reaching out to the online audience.

Active users on Instagram.

Instagram is growing to be a very popular tool for advertising in recent years. It has an active user base of 800 million people. Out of this, 500 million have reported being regular users of the app. 34% of them are millennials and 38% of them constantly check the site every day.

Small businesses can take advantage of such huge demographics and target their products and services towards their desired audience. With the right kind of Instagram strategy, the business can increase its reach and online brand presence.

Exclusive and unique features.

These days the audience wants to forge a personal connection with the brands. Instagram has unique features to connect with the audience. Small brands should make full use of them to create brand awareness. With the stories feature, the brands can provide a glimpse or a sneak-peek into the daily happenings of the business like behind-the-scenes of a shoot, meetings in progress, workplace life, office picnics, etc, or use the Q & A session to answer questions and queries by the audience.

Instagram live is another way to humanize the brand. It can connect with its audience during real-time and hold interactive sessions, seminars, or workshops. The Instagram reels are another feature that has caused a stir on the internet. Brands can use the reels to offer creative, fun, and informative content to their users.

Collaborations with influencers.

Influencers have become an integral part of promotional and marketing campaigns. Instagram has influencers of varied interests such as fashion, food, beauty,  fitness, entertainment, sports, politics, etc. There are three distinct kinds of influencers-macro, micro, and nano. Each of these caters to a different audience and interest.

A macro influencer connects with a large audience but a nano influencer has a niche audience base. Depending on the area of business, it should choose the right influencer who can connect well with its audience. For example, if the business specializes in dog food, it should go for a dog or a pet influencer.

Collaborations can be paid or in kind. At the initial stage, brands should opt for a barter collaboration as it needs to save money to run other operations of the business. After gaining a certain amount of followers, it can then seek out paid collaborations. The right influencer will help the business grow through word of mouth and increase its organic reach.

Great means of increasing visibility

Hashtags are a common way to increase brand visibility. Small brands should strategically use hashtags. Many free keyword and hashtag tools can help the business prepare a hashtag strategy. These tools provide suggestions for popular hashtags and other relevant information about their usage in real-time.

Brands should come up with their company hashtags to create a distinction from other brands just like Coca-Cola uses #SharetheCoke or Calvin Klien’s uses #MyCalvins. The brand should use some generic hashtags related to the industry and some related to the picture or the video it has posted on its feed.

Brands can use 30 hashtags only, but for effective reach and growth, they should restrict themselves to 10-12 hashtags. They should avoid using long sentences or words for a hashtag. Remember the shorter, the simpler, the better.

Offers many ways to produce creative content.

There has never been a great time to make online content. With the advent of Instagram, brands have found multiple ways of nailing their content game. Along with an effective content and scheduling strategy, brands should capitalize on various content to put their message across the audience.

UGC or user-generated content is one way to depict the brand relationship with the customers and enhance brand image. Videos are very popular and enjoy a huge reach and traction. Brands should produce DIY videos, customer testimonials, stop-motion videos, reels, behind-the-shoot, etc. to engage and entertain the audience.

Since these videos are of 60 secs, they are brilliant sources of maximizing customer engagement as the attention span of people is less. If it’s an interview or a podcast, IGTV can be of great use. Brands should focus on virality, reliability, and engagement while developing their content.

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