Why is Spring the best time to visit Europe?

Europe is the favourite destination for travellers who love to explore mountains, flora, fauna, history, castles, tourism, and cultural diversity at the same time. It is a year-round destination, but if you ask us the best time to visit Europe, our answer will be Spring. Spring in Europe is all about joy and brightness. This season is perfect because snow finally starts melting, and leaves and greens carpet your grounds. It comes with vibrance and happiness. This blog will offer details about Spring in Europe and why it is best to visit this continent.

Spring vs other seasons:

Spring is the best time to visit Europe because it offers two significant advantages:

  • Pleasant Weather
  • Affordable Prices

The Spring season starts in Europe in late March and ends in late June. You get a chance to experience different weather conditions in each region of Europe. North and East Europe are slightly colder, while South and West Europe will have very pleasant weather. You might also find late snow in the mountainous parts of Europe. The beaches will neither be too hot nor cold, but enjoyable.

Summer in Europe is also the perfect weather to travel, but it can be slightly crowded and has high accommodation prices. Winters in Europe have freezing temperatures and shorter days, even though rates are pretty affordable. However, no country in Europe is very crowded during Spring when compared to other seasons. The weather is not too hot or cold, and you can get better prices. In short, during Spring in Europe, you can get the essence of all other Europe seasons while staying on budget. It makes Spring the best time to visit Europe.

Spring in the different regions of Europe:

No doubt, the best time to visit Europe is in Spring, but the weather is not certainly the same in every part. Let us give a profound idea about Spring in different regions of Europe:

  • Northern Europe Spring: Spring in Northern Europe is considerably colder. It might not match the temperature during winter, but many visitors will still find it freezing. So, if you are planning to visit the Northern part of Europe in Spring, never forget to pack warmer clothes. Northern Europe gets fewer visitors in Spring, so there are chances to find better accommodations and prices during this time.
  • Southern Europe Spring: Spring is delightful in Southern Europe; after all, it is filled with beach destinations. You can find countries like Spain, Greece, and Italy in the Southern part, with many water bodies. And their temperatures are swimming-worthy in mid to late Spring, i.e. in July or August.
  • Eastern Europe Spring: The best time to visit Eastern Europe is mid Spring, i.e. April to June. The temperature is slightly on the colder side during early Spring, which you might not like. It includes countries like Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, and more. And all of them are perfect for sightseeing. The best part is that Eastern Europe is cheaper than other parts of Europe, so you will be able to save money while travelling there.
  • Western Europe Spring: If you like to visit less crowded places on a budget, the Spring season is the best time to visit western Europe. It includes countries like Switzerland, France and the UK, which are very expensive to travel to. However, during Spring, these are very crowded and allow you to save a good amount of money. You can also visit Amsterdam, Paris, Germany, Austria, and Belgium during this season.

Best Places to visit in Europe during Spring

When visiting Europe during the spring season, always consider which part of the continent you visit. You might not find similar weather in entire Europe during Spring.

If you prefer slightly warmer weather, you can visit Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, and Spain. Other than that, you will find pleasant weather during Spring in Europe. There is a lot to explore in the continent during this season, such as blooming gardens, fantastic wildlife, free museums and castles, indoor markets, and cafes. There are also many hidden gems, such as Benburb Castle, which you can discover without burning your money.


Europe offers a wide range of activities and experiences to every traveller in every season. But if you ask about the best time to visit Europe, our answer is Spring. Spring in every part of the continent is different, letting you experience different shades of Europe. Also, it is kind of off-season in many parts of Europe, so you can save money, get less crowd, and maximise the fun.

Have you visited Europe earlier? Tell us about your favourite Europe season, places to explore, and why to visit it in the comment section.

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