Why Must You Buy Instagram Followers To Become an Instagram Influencer?

The influencer culture is as prevalent as ever. From the clothes we buy to the way we act, there are elements in our lifestyles that are influencer-influenced in one way or another.

That’s why the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Kim Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner are gods among men in and out of the internet. Their influence knows no bounds, evidenced by their legions of organic followers.

Is it really all organic, though? Are their high-quality followers all real people? If their social proof is something to go by, that can certainly be taken as 100% true. However, it is important to keep in mind that these people are in the top one percent of influencers—a whole different breed.

Counting other IG influencers in general, a study showed that one in four buy followers on Instagram. What does that say about the greater influencer population across social media platforms? Should you, as an aspiring influencer yourself, follow suit?

How Important Are Instagram Followers?

If you are someone whose career or business depends on social media presence, chances are Instagram followers will matter to you more than most.

Whether they are real accounts or fake accounts, IG followers deliver the social proof to help your account flourish on the platform. With more than a billion active users each month, a high follower count on Instagram can translate to influencer-level success.

With the recent introduction of Instagram Reels to compete with the surging platform TikTok, engagement on IG and other social networks is higher than it has ever been. It also doesn’t look to be dropping any time soon.

There is no better time than now to be an influencer, as the overcrowding of aspirants should work in your favor when you do things correctly. Stand out from not only Instagram’s social crowd but also Twitter’s, Facebook’s, Snapchat’s, and wherever else you might be in.

More often than not, success in one platform translates to success in others. Having thousands of followers on Instagram can carry over to your other social media accounts and potentially bring success to those profiles, as well.

Increasing Your Follower Count

So, the question now is this: How do you increase your follower count? There are lots of different ways to do it, most of them organic but time-consuming. Basically, it is a route that tends to spell success, but what if your account can’t wait?

What if you will never have the opportunity that you do now, with the influencer culture thriving more than ever?

If you haven’t reached influencer status yet, all is not lost. There is a shortcut to building yourself the follower count that will have those within and outside your target audience clicking that Follow button once they see your following.

The trick is in the perception of a high following, which you can gain when you buy Instagram followers.

Don’t be fooled into believing this is an unsafe route. Everybody’s doing it, and they are reaping off some level of success through it one way or another. You owe it to yourself to see what bought followers can do for your influencer dreams.

Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

As we’ve established, the answer to this question is a resounding yes. However, there is a very clear BUT there, which we will discuss below. For now, let’s focus on the reasons aspiring influencers should take advantage of the followers packages offered by different companies.

Fast & Direct

We don’t want you holding your breath a second longer. The BUT issue pertains to the companies you will be getting a follower package from. When you partner with the best sites to buy Instagram followers, services are fast and direct and bring guaranteed results. It uncomplicates matters and lets you strategize more effectively.

A reputable site ensures your path to success is as linear as possible by guiding you with branding and targeting followers who will genuinely find your feed interesting. Not to mention, their services tend to be attached to an affordable price.

Reaching out to people organically doesn’t guarantee an increase in following. People may know you exist, but that doesn’t mean they will click that Follow button.

Buying followers, on the other hand, guarantees an increase in that all-important number that determines social proof. It establishes you as an account with a solid follower base, and someone worth a follow even though you may not follow back.

Instead of having to wait months or even years to bring your account the engagement it deserves, you can get it now by purchasing followers from the right provider. Some websites even offer up to a million followers for Instagram and other social media accounts. Think about what this could do for your presence on social media networks.

Boost Engagement

As we said, buying IG followers gives your account the engagement it deserves today—not tomorrow, not the following year, but today! That’s because a reputable provider can deliver high-quality Instagram followers who are real people as per Growthwisely.

These users like, view, and comment their genuine thoughts or opinions on your posts. They are not bot followers that do not contribute much to actual social media engagement except for giving the illusion that one has a higher number of followers than he actually does.

That said, bot followers can be part of some companies’ followers packages. While one may say that is dishonest in a way, such is the truth in today’s age of digital disruption.


If you have just started your social media journey on Instagram, you can hit the ground running by buying followers. 

The thinking point of view of Brightkeys, Building your account from scratch organically is a tough ask, one that you may not have the patience for—and that’s perfectly fine! Grab that debit card and give yourself the advantage of bought followers from the get-go.

That said, if you are someone whose account has been in a slump lately, you are more than welcome to try this route. It is perfectly safe and can bring immediate results when you do it correctly.

Extend Your Reach

An increase in follower count from bought followers delivers immediate engagement that extends your reach online just as fast. With your now larger audience, your posts will appear on the Explore pages of people in and outside your target audience.

Now that you have gotten a head start by buying followers, you may opt to boost your account organically moving forward. – Searchmen

Boosts Presentation

More followers mean more likes, views, and comments. In particular, the latter helps your account give off a solid first impression to potential followers. If a potential follower sees your posts flooded with comments, chances are this person will think you’re the real deal and give you a follow as a result.

How Important Are Followers to an Influencer?

We know followers are important, but how important are they when you are a social media influencer? With mega-brands willing to spend billions on influencer marketing to boost their engagement rates, to say followers are important to influencers is an understatement.

They are the lifeblood of influencer accounts; the reason endorsements keep knocking on their doors. However, a brand doesn’t merely look at an account’s following; it also looks at the level of influence it has on this following.

Do users comment on posts often? Do they actually follow any of the trends or buy any of the products showcased on the feed?

That said, this should no longer matter in an account with hundreds of thousands of followers. In that case, the audience will be large enough that there is bound to be a significant boost in engagement rate, whatever the degree of influence.

Do Influencers Buy Fake Followers?

Whether they are real followers or bot accounts, buying followers is completely accepted in today’s social media culture. Everybody’s doing it, and it has translated to success for many more often than not.

Maxing out those credit cards to invest in premium followers could pay off when you partner with the right provider. However, problems arise when you become careless with your approach.

When you choose a random site that offers low-quality followers and poor-quality services, buying followers might earn you nothing. Even if part of the following is fake, a lot of influencers believe that a large following benefits their online presence for the following reasons:

  • Serves as Social Proof

A high number of followers serves as social proof, which boosts brand awareness. Whether the increased number represents real users or not, it will make the user’s profile attractive enough to brands who share similar interests.

  • Shows Account Growth

An increase in follower count tells people your account is growing. Brands love working with users who are proactive in taking steps to reach a wider audience because such an attitude works in their favor.

  • Brands Will Always Care About Following

More often than not, industry players want to work with influencers because of the magnitude of their following. They may perceive you to have the potential for a big following, but they might not want to work with you because that’s not where your following is at yet.

Some mega-brands won’t work with accounts that have a current audience of less than 100,000. It makes sense to purchase Instagram followers if these brands and the benefits tied to them are what you’re after.

  • Provides More Opportunities

When you have thousands of accounts following you, sponsorship offers will come knocking on your door. When that number reaches a million, brands will practically be paying you ridiculous amounts to post pictures of their products. 

Buy Instagram Followers From the Right Companies

There are negative consequences to buying followers, but that tends to be the case only when you fail to follow the right steps. The most crucial step of all is to partner with a reputable provider who can guide you through the rest of the steps and has an excellent 24/7 customer service team.

Aside from choosing the right company, you must also address these other elements in your account that target brands tend to inspect when selecting social media endorsers:

  • Interests

Do your interests align with the brands you’re hoping to partner with? Are you in the same community or have a similar audience? To boost your chances of becoming a paid endorser, it’s important to align your interests with your target brands.

  • Past Partnerships

Chances are brands will also be looking at your history of partnerships. Were these fruitful partnerships? Were your posts for these companies a hit? These brands want a rough idea of your sponsored content’s performance based on these previous promo posts.

  • Engagement Rates

Of course, this is the most important. Are you bringing in the numbers? By that, we mean engagement rates, which is what brands are really after. If your community of followers is highly engaged, there’s a good chance any type of content you post will be a hit. 

Best Sites To Buy IG Followers From

If a quick boost in Instagram engagement is what you’re after, you aren’t likely to get it from organically growing your account. Instead, you should consider acquiring it from these reputable providers of Instagram likes, views, and followers.

Social Media Growth Provider Average Rating Best Features
Likes.io 5/5 Real followers

Instant or gradual delivery

24/7 customer support

Followers.io 5/5 Real and active followers

Quick delivery

Reliable customer service

Stormlikes.net 5/5 Real followers from real people

No password requirement

Split followers

1. Likes.io

Major industry players are attracted to a high number of followers. It makes them think of all the engagement that awaits your sponsored content. What’s great about Likes.io is that it doesn’t just make your follower account more appealing to companies, corporations, and other businesses; it also helps you grow as a brand.

Working with them lets you apply a more targeted approach to growing your follower count. You get followers who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer and create more engagement for your account in return, including sponsored posts.

On top of all this, you have a 24/7 customer support team behind you, answering all your concerns and ensuring packages are delivered within minutes of purchase. Or, you can have them delivered gradually so that it seems more natural.

What more can you ask aside from a quick delivery and targeted marketing strategy? With Likes.io, you get real followers who bring real engagement to your page long-term.

2. Followers.io

Take a huge step to bringing that number of active followers up when you work with Followers.io. Aside from high-quality followers, it also delivers top-tier likes, views, and comments to create a comprehensive social media strategy for your brand.

Like the other sites on this list, you don’t have to worry about hurting your major credit cards with this one. It offers exceptional service for a low price, and its follower growth service is a standout in particular.

At a relatively affordable price of $2.87, you can get 100 followers for your account. We are talking about real Instagram followers who bring genuine engagement to your feed, not bot accounts. However, some reputable websites may offer them mixed with authentic followers.

Followers.io is another company that uses a targeted approach to growing your follower base. In short, it helps draw in accounts with whom you will likely be able to establish a long-term relationship and will be loyal to your brand.

3. Stormlikes.net

When it comes to buying likes, views, and followers, Stormlikes.net offers premium packages at a budget that works for you. It focuses on providing organic growth on the platform, with the occasional mix of bots to speed up growth but make it look natural at the same time.

You will have a brilliant customer support team seeing to your every need. They ensure your premium quality followers are delivered either instantly or gradually, depending on your preference.

The company takes pride in its follower quality, whether the followers are for Facebook, SoundCloud, Spotify, or Instagram. Your influencer journey is in good hands with these guys, as evidenced by the five-star reviews left by satisfied customers on the site.

Like Followers.io and Likes.io, Stormlikes likes to keep things simple. All you need is to choose a specific followers package, and the number and quality of followers of your choice will be reflected on your page according to your delivery time preference.

Buying Instagram Followers Can Be Key to Influencer Success

Not all influencers need to buy followers; their fame is all the social proof they need. However, when you’re an aspiring influencer starting from scratch or working with an account that has been in a slump for years, you will need a helping hand.

If that kind of help brings instantaneous results, then all the better. That’s what purchasing Instagram followers can do for your account. It can bring in the follower count and long-term engagement it deserves when you partner with the right sites.

With thousands of others trying to make a name for themselves in your specific niche, you need to whip out that credit card to invest in bought followers.

Don’t let anyone lead you to believe this is generally unsafe. That is only the case when you do it incorrectly and not when you work with Followers.io, Stormlikes.net, Likes.io, or a similar reputable site. 

Buy IG Followers FAQs

1. What happens when you purchase Instagram followers?

When you partner with a reputable provider, you can achieve the follower count to reach a larger audience and grow your Instagram account exponentially.

Lots of other good things can happen in addition to growing your online presence. That said, you can get in trouble when you are careless with your approach and purchase from unsafe sites. 

2. Does buying followers get you in trouble?

It can if you’re not careful. However, you won’t be considered a criminal if you are caught buying Instagram followers, as there are no laws that consider this illegal. You are merely looking for a quick boost in followers and engagements like many others in the social media scene these days.

3. Will you get banned on IG for buying fake followers?

Working with a followers package provider that offers a professional service should keep you from getting in trouble with Instagram.

As far as getting banned from the platform, that won’t happen even if you do get caught. Many influencers have used a follower service to increase that particular metric in their account with no long-term negative consequences.

4. How do you tell the fake followers from the real ones? 

It’s actually pretty easy. A major tell that someone you’ve been following purchased fake followers is the sudden increase in their numbers in one day. Unless you’re a global superstar, a random addition of tens of thousands of followers is unlikely. 

5. How much do 1,000 followers get you paid?

You can make a little over $1,400 monthly as a micro-influencer on Instagram. 

6. How much can you get paid per post on IG?

Depending on your influencer status, you may get paid anywhere from $5 for every 1,000 followers or $100 for every 100K followers. 

7. What is the minimum number of followers to get paid?

To get paid on Instagram, you have to have at least 1,000 followers and a decent engagement rate on your account.

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