Why Regular Cleaning Will Be Essential For Businesses Emerging From Lockdown

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ll know that we’re still very much on track to leave lockdown this coming summer. With life set to ‘return to normal’, people and businesses are undoubtedly excited however, it’s worth remembering that regular cleaning will be essential for businesses especially as we emerge from lockdown.

For some, it may feel all too easy to slip back into old ways but while we’re most certainly emerging from lockdown, the virus, COVID-19 to be specific, is still very much here and something we need to ensure we’re working around. For this reason solely, businesses must ensure they’re continuing to undertake an elevated level of cleaning, with regular deep cleaning taking place at every opportunity. We must remain vigilant if we’re to ensure we aren’t just safe, but our businesses are given the opportunity to remain open after what can only be described as an extremely tough year for most.

Whether you own a restaurant, a warehouse, a retail outlet or something else entirely, regular cleaning will be essential as we emerge and continue beyond lockdown and here’s why.

The Importance Of Regular Cleaning

Aside from making your place of work safe for employees to return, you as an employer have a duty of care to ensure it remains safe for your employees too. Ensuring you stay on the right side of the law is paramount, not only for your business but for the rest of the world while we continue to fight this virus.

While we may all be receiving our vaccinations, it’s important we remember that this doesn’t actually stop the spread of the virus, which means we’ll still need to continue doing what we can and that’s where regular cleaning comes in too.

Tops Tips For Heightened Cleaning After Lockdown

  • Keep An Increased Frequency – It’s imperative that you continue with the increased frequency in cleaning that you’ve demonstrated throughout this last year. Whether you think it necessary or not, having more frequent cleaning, especially in high traffic areas will ensure more thorough cleaning and peace of mind for your team.
  • Clean Suspected Areas – if you think staff or customers have had COVID, we advise targeting the areas (and surrounding areas) further. Disinfect and disinfect again to reduce the risk of passing COVID on to anyone else. Ask yourself, do you have processes in place to identify potential carriers? Think temperature checks and weekly, twice weekly testing.
  • Provide Staff & Visitors With Masks & Gloves – we’re only human and it’s entirely possible that despite the last year, people may forget their mask or gloves. Make these available where possible should this happen to ensure everyone is protected.
  • Clean & Then Disinfect – it isn’t enough to simply clean. If you’re going to wipe surfaces after use, such as tea rooms etc, you must ensure you clean and follow it up with disinfection. Ask members of staff to clean and disinfect. After time, this will become second nature and will ensure your space is safer in-between professional visits. Pay attention to high traffic areas such as door knobs, work surfaces, telephones, computer stations, handrails etc.
  • Provide Sanitiser At Every Opportunity – from staff to customers, make sure you’re providing sanitiser at every possible opportunity. From entering your restaurant to entering your kitchen to your warehouse and just about anywhere. Leave sanitiser at strategic points before doors, before toilets, on desks, in communal areas etc.
  • Regularly Check Temperatures – If you’re able to invest in equipment to provide temperature checks where possible, you’ll provide yourself with an invaluable way of preventing the spread of COVID further. Simple temperature checks before people enter your premises will ensure anyone with a raised temperature (symptom of COVID) will be turned away and unable to spread the virus further within your establishment. This protects your staff and your patrons.
  • Switch Hand Dryers For Recycled Paper – while it isn’t the most environmentally friendly option, it’s certainly safer during a pandemic as hand dryers could inadvertently spread the virus even further if people haven’t washed their hands thoroughly enough. Opt for recycled paper and the ability to dispose of these used paper towels safely.
  • Clean Hot Desks/Dining Tables After Each Session – if your workspace provides hot desks or even communal areas of seating, ensure you wipe these areas down (clean and disinfect) after each use to ensure spread is minimised further.
  • Structure A Continuous Cleaning Program For The Foreseeable – one deep clean isn’t enough, that’s clear but it’s imperative that you put a structured program in place. Cleaning companies will help you create a plan that works for you, and ensures your business is as COVID secure as possible.

While lockdown will eventually be eased, we must ensure we’re doing everything we can now to fight the threat of this virus, not only for the safety of ourselves but in order to give businesses a fighting chance at staying open.

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