Why Retail Industries are Choosing Custom Bath Bomb Packaging at Wholesale?

Bath bombs are a compacted mixture of wet and dry ingredients that are pressed together and molded into various shapes but are mostly circular. This bomb is used in baths and produces effervesces when is placed underwater.  Bath bombs are very common and customers always have positive reviews towards them. Their ingredients include essential oils, moisturizer, scent, and color to give a relaxing bath. Complementary colors and scent is used for different essential oils and there are many categories of bath bombs that are made.  Customers have the option to choose the essential oils and scent of their liking. Bath bombs are a wonderful way to calm your soul after a hectic rough day.

Packaging is a unique way to deliver your message. This message could be of anything. If it is related to ecofriendly and environmental safety it can be a huge success. In terms of making the society much safer and educating people how to make environment around them healthy. In today’s fast pace world nobody has time to look what to buy. So, taking the advantage of this one needs to have a unique bath bomb packaging design and shape so that it attracts the customers.

Different ways of packaging

Bath bombs are packaged for sale and display. They can be packaged in various materials such as cardboard, paperboard, plastic, acrylic, and fabric pouches. All of these materials can be used to make wonderful packing and have respective advantages. However, most people prefer cardboard for their packaging due to its added advantage. The packaging is important to the sale of any product. This can be customized to further enhance the product’s appearance and is used as a marketing tool. In today’s market, a lot of new brands and businesses have emerged that produce similar products. This increases the competition in the retail industry of your brand with other brands and gives customers a lot of options from where they can shop. Therefore to increase your customer platform it is important to have appealing packaging of your bath bombs.

Packaging of the product is a way of brands communicating to their customers and is a tool used to attract customers. It is important to build a positive bond with customers to succeed in the market and good packaging is a way to do so. Imagine having cheap packaging and you are transporting your products to your customers, what if they break on the way as the packaging was too weak to handle the pressure. It will put the customer off and they will give a bad review to the brand. This can ruin a brand’s reputation in the market and they can lose their customers. Having a good quality packaging with added advantages such as top handles or plastic windows or riddles and puzzles for kids can help you make a positive impression on the public and success in the market. The plastic window on top of these cartons is a beneficial add-on for the brand as this way customers will be able to view the product before consuming it and will know what exactly they are paying for. It also helps customers trust brands as they are presenting transparency in front of their customers.

Vast variety

Most of the brands in retail marketing are preferring bath bomb packaging as they have a lot of unique options that can be used to enhance their sales.

Cardboard material

Cardboard is used to make cartons for various products. They are strong and rigid as they are made up of 2 layers of Kraft paper pressed together with a layer of test liner paper in between them. These layers are glued together and folded multiple times to increase their resistance to pressure. Cardboard material is environment friendly as it is made up of recyclable material. They are easy to handle and hold as they don’t weigh that much but are strong enough to hold heavy products. Cardboard cartons are used to package products and transport them. They are also used to household items such as clothes, books, pantry items, and many more. They can also be used to make goodie bags at parties and festivals. Cardboard is an amazing material choice for bath bomb packs. Various cardboard carton shapes can be used to make packs unique and attractive. Although, the shapes of custom boxes wholesale depend on the shape of the bath bombs.

  • A reverse tuck style carton is used for bath bombs, it is a cardboard carton whole top closes from rear to front and the bottom closes from front to rear. It is used commonly in the retail industry as well as other industries. This pack can hold circular, rectangular, oval, or square shapes of the bath bomb.
  • Flip-top packs are used for bath bombs, these are cardboard packs that can square or rectangular and can be made to stand horizontally or vertically. These packs open up by just flipping the top-up. They can store rectangular shapes of bath bombs.
  • Pillow shape packs are another unique way to store bath bombs, they are shaped in literal pillows that are glue sealed from top and bottom. They can store small size of bath bombs that can be circular, oval, and rectangular, or pillow-shaped.
  • Sleeve slider pack can be used for bath bomb, these packs are made up of two parts of cardboard where one slides out of another like a drawer. These can be made in rectangular, square, oval, or circular shapes and can hold rectangular, square, oval, and circular shaped bath bombs.

Paperboard material

Paperboard is a think and light material used to package several products. They are not suitable to package heavy products as their pressure yield is low. They can be made of plain paper or customize to have cutting patterns that can be sealed from top and bottom. They can store lightweight small sizes of bath bombs.

Plastic material

Plastic can also be used to package bath bombs, plastic wraps and plastic sheets can be used to design creative styles of packs. Plastic sheets can be sued to cover up the bath bomb and tied from the top with ribbon to give it a look of a gift item.

Acrylic material

Acrylic is thicker and smoother than plastic and can be used for bath bombs. It is a fancier way of bath bomb packaging and can be made in either the shape of the bath bomb or just rectangular. It can be customized to further decorate it.

Display cartons

Display cartons are also made of cardboard and are used in markets to display products. They are placed on shelves and are customized to look attractive to display bath bombs. These are mostly made in the shapes of trays with long backs and slanting sides.

Customizable boxes

All of these materials and styles of packs can be customized in various shapes and sizes according to the brand’s preference and size of these bath bombs. These packs are easy to customize and does not require much input. Moreover, they can be customized to have a unique appearance such as colors and appealing graphics. Designs according to the brand’s liking and personality can be printed on these cartons along with complementary colors to use color psychology to attract customers. Brand’s name, logo, identity, information, and product information can be printed on these packs easily. Customizing these packs distinct bath bombs of different brands from each other and shows uniqueness. Customized cartons help brands increase their customers and reach in the market as the appearance of the product is the first thing customer see before buying a product, a good packaging will attract more customers into buying the product. This is a convenient and highly successful strategy for brands. Moreover, as they are used for bath bombs they can be customized by having glitter sheets on top and scented packaging to further attract and soothe the customers.

Less costly and affordable choice

For such added advantages and so popular, these bath bomb packaging are pretty cheap. The manufacturing and designing are affordable as they are less costly and are easy to consume. Many companies manufacture packaging products of different materials for bath bombs and other products and can be customized in shape, style, and size. Many different kinds of materials can be used to save cost. But keeping in mind that choosing cost effective material may lead to poor quality.

Wholesale Quantity

Why are people selling and buying these bath bombs packs in wholesale? The answer is simple because it is the most convenient way of packaging. Although the cost of these packs is already less and are easily accessible, their prices decrease further when consumed in wholesale as the unit price of the product is decreased from its original price when it is consumed wholesale. Many brands offer wholesale packaging services at affordable prices. It’s a good way to buy because it gets cheaper as compared to buying a single piece. Industries usually go this way for their business.

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