Why should I buy Blueberry Autoflower Cannabis

Blueberry is truly reasonable for both the amateur and the accomplished producer and does well in an assortment of developing conditions.

The Blueberry Autoflower strain is a mix of strains from Afghanistan (indica) and Thailand (Sativa). The sativa is a blend of Thai and Purple Thai sativa. The reproducer was DJ Short. He worked with a few distinctive landrace strains until he made the Blueberry strain we know and love.

This strain is generally viewed as an indica since that represents 85% of the plant overall. All things considered, the sativa presence gives a sufficient offset so you can unwind without being overpowered by drowsiness.

This unique Blueberry autoflower ensures an infiltrating and flavourful blueberry terpene profile.

This strain has an amazing high with a loosening up body impact, ideal for loosening up following a bustling day. It is one of the quickest autoflower strains at present accessible. Requiring just 8-10 weeks from seed to collect, you will be prepared to gather in 2 months.


Most plants have the celebrated fragrance and shade of Blueberry. Autoflower Blueberry gives you a decent yield of reduced, firm buds that are loaded with sap and exceptionally incredible. This stable autoflowering strain gets its name from.

Buds & Resin

Blueberry is a conservative autoflower with firm buds and a high power. This strain has a solid blueberry smell and, when filled in wonderful conditions, can deliver extremely strong buds. These pitch injected buds are overflowing with trichomes and give a solid desensitizing impact. Most plants have a shaggy character with a tough fundamental sprout and just little side blossoms.

The blossoms are for the most part very conservative and trichome creation is uncommon. There are likewise aggregates to be discovered that grow a little more extensive, however a couple of plants will become truly huge. Autoflower Blueberry is the quickest blossoming autoflower in our assortment and is typically prepared around 8-10 weeks after germination.

Genetics of Blueberry Autoflower

Autoflower has immediately become the expert’s most loved autoflower. Blueberry autoflower has a true Blueberry smell and taste because of a cautious rearing system that crossed an exceptionally extraordinary female Blueberry plant with an indica-prevailing Autoflower. Particular backcrossing up to the F4 age brought about a completely developed Blueberry. After this, the F4 is self-pollinated to make the F5 seeds.

The Blueberry hereditary qualities utilized started from our own quality bank. This broad hereditary assortment returns to when we worked together with DJ Short, the first raiser of the Blueberry strain, among others. At that point, farmers and producers worked intimately with DJ Short to acquaint the Blueberry strain with the European market and we were adequately fortunate to remember these unique hereditary qualities for our assortment. From here we began choosing a reasonable parent for our Autoflower Blueberry and the outcome is great!

Easy To Grow

Autoflower Blueberry is an Indica predominant autoflower with a quickly developing pattern of 8-9 weeks on normal from seed to gather. This remarkable strain has a place with our “Blue Family” as a result of its exceptional terpene profile with a blueberry smell and taste. She can show wonderful dim purple tones in the buds during the blossoming stage, this can be upgraded by low (night) temperatures toward the finish of the blooming stage.

Blueberry is a solid, vigorous autoflower strain that is entirely appropriate for beginner producers both outside and inside. This strain essentially develops all alone. Regardless of whether in the nursery or in a pot, it does very well in both. Ensure you have a radiant spot outside, as this advantages the last size of the plant and the nature of the buds. Autoflower Blueberry can convey great yields in a wide assortment of developing conditions. Regardless of whether you are an amateur cultivator with developing conditions that are not exactly great or an accomplished producer with the best developing conditions searching for the most excellent, then Homegrown cannabis co. is an ideal decision.

One reason this strain has gotten so well known, past its smell and flavor, is that it is fast and simple to develop. Furthermore, the high is unfathomably solid and pleasant, on a similar quality level as a customary photoperiod assortment. On the off chance that you’ve never grown an autoflower, this is the ideal strain to begin with. Quick, strong and simple, this strain requires no extraordinary development information to guarantee an incredible tasting yield. Inside under lights, it does well in soil, coco and in a hydro framework. Notwithstanding, we just suggest the last for the most experienced producers, obviously the best returns can be accomplished with aqua-farming.

The hereditary qualities utilized for Autoflower Blueberry ensures the accompanying characteristics:

A simple to develop autoflower, appropriate for both the amateur and the master

An exceptionally quickly developing cycle, from seed to gather in only 8-10 weeks

Extremely intense buds with a fruity blueberry fragrance and blueberry flavor

Autoflower Blueberry is an absolute necessity for anybody searching for the first, sumptuous Blueberry experience as a quick steady Autoflower.


Blueberry is an Indica-predominant autoflower with an incredible high that will fundamentally give a body impact. Genuine Blueberry devotees accept that it is ideal to burn-through this strain at night. The impact is opiate, agreeable and mitigating. Subsequent to smoking this assortment you will get a casual inclination and you will sink into your sofa. The solid high makes you need to unwind, numerous producers likewise demonstrate that she can guarantee a decent night’s rest. In case you’re searching for a fiery strain to smoke during the day, Autoflower Blueberry may not be the one for you. In any case, in case you’re searching for a strain with a solid body high to loosen you up, this Blueberry autoflower is awesome.

Flowering Time

Autoflower Blueberry requires on normal just 8-9 weeks altogether to completely mature. This quick blooming time makes her one of the quickest, if not the quickest, autoflowers accessible. It will stay minimal to medium in size and most plants will remain around 50-75cm. In wonderful developing conditions and in, for instance, a hydro framework, this strain can develop over 100 cm – however this is excellent.

During this short developing cycle, Autoflower Blueberry for the most part remains very minimal and little. A large portion of the energy goes to its primary bud, generally a couple of side buds can be found. This makes the plant ideal for a SOG arrangement. The quick blossoming time in mix with the smaller construction can give an awesome ‘Ocean of Green’.


A normal yield of around 50g per plant will be attainable for most home producers. The more experienced producers can take these hereditary qualities to the following level and in the correct hands, yields of two or three hundred grams for each plant are conceivable. This Indica-predominant autoflower assortment has reduced buds notwithstanding a minimal construction. The buds will be firm and weighty.

Inside in a controlled climate, you can accomplish a yield of between 350-500g/m2. This yield range identifies with the developing technique, the number of plants, and the ‘range of abilities’ of the cultivator. Novices seldom accomplish similar yields as experienced cultivators.

Autoflower likewise does well outside and it is prescribed to place her in a bright spot. On the off chance that she doesn’t get enough sun, the buds will stay more “cushioned” and the yield will be lower. Open-air normal yields of 25-75g per plant are conceivable.

Some Advice

Because of its quick development pattern of simply 8 to 10 weeks, Autoflower Blueberry benefits an incredible arrangement from a hydro framework. The additional quick improvement of the roots guarantees touchy development during the initial month. On the off chance that you are even more a fledgling cultivator, we suggest checking Autoflower Blueberry out in coco fiber. This helps quick development guaranteeing a bigger plant and better return.

In the event that you need to capitalize on Autoflower Blueberry, we suggest a solid LED light and a hydro framework, (for example, DWC or RDWC). With this mix, the most significant returns are truly conceivable and you can accomplish more than 200g per plant.

Some Additional Information

This strain has been around for a long time and is still profoundly pursued by the cultivator local area. The amazing fragrance and delectable taste of blueberries is the explanation numerous cultivators continue to return for this unique Blueberry autoflower. Autoflower Blueberry gives you an even, massively agreeable, yet solid indica high that goes on for a couple of hours. Everybody should attempt this assortment!

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