Why Should PPE be Disposable? Get Your Own Disposable Shoe Cover 

The safety and health of workers are much more necessary than anything else. So, it is necessary for OSHA to enforce laws regarding the safety of employees using disposable shoe covers to keep them protected against hazards. Among all other concerns, the major is disposable protective clothing. For this, OSHA should take some serious steps and protect the lives of many people. 

During hazardous activities, it is important for employees of OSHA to provide PPE to workers to ensure safety. Not only this, it is necessary for workers to know how to keep themselves safe and wear safety equipment. They also need to know how to dispose of protective shoe covers. 

Bacteria and Infection Control: 

During performing activities in which workers are exposed to bacteria, viruses, and any other infection, it is necessary to wear disposable shoe covers. Bacterial infection may easily enter the worker’s body by contact, ingestion, inhalation, and vapors. 

So, it is important for each worker to must wear PPE especially designed to block the transmission of bacteria. A disposable and laboratory-tested PPE always blocks contamination from blood, secretions, and other fluids. 

Hazardous Materials and Chemicals: 

Workers should make sure to wear clean gloves, overalls, and eyewear when they have to work with products labeled as irritants. These products are a major threat to overall industry and workers. 

At this time, each company must provide complete safety measures to workers. It is necessary to ensure workers meet particular safety levels. The following is the product data for important information such as: 

European CE Marking: 

It is an indication of the ability to protect workers against hazards. 

OSHA Level of Protection1-4: 

It covers PPE in four different types depending on the level of protection.

ASTM Approval: 

It determines the capacity of the chemical suit for the transmission of liquids and fluids. Environmental Hazards: 

Commonly workers have to face some hazards during operations, such as: 

  • Dirt and dust 
  • Airborne filaments 
  • Irritating gases 
  • Heat and cold stress 
  • Human waste 
  • High music and lights 
  • Limited areas 

Commonly all these environmental hazards are a major threat to human health. So, it is necessary for each worker to know when they need to wear disposable shoe covers to reduce the risk of long-term damage. 

It is also necessary for management to check the reason for these harms and the ways to handle this issue. For this, management needs to enforce control measures and reduce exposure to such factors. These control measures may be eyewash points, accessible ear plugs, safety gloves, and uniform bins. 

Heavy Machinery Operations: 

There are many situations when workers have to face such environmental hazards. These include working in the construction area, factory, food processing units, and recycling plants. Commonly workers have to perform activities during night time, on slippery surfaces, and electrical hazards. 

When workers use disposable shoe covers, it may minimize injuries and hazardous equipment. Workers should avoid wearing long shirts, long sleeves, loose pants, and other items. The reason is that these may be caught up in the machines. Each worker makes sure to wear cuffed sleeves and fit ankles. These are the proper clothes that protect the worker from such risks!