Why should you choose a living room with multiple doors and windows?

A living room with multiple doors and windows may be an excellent choice for your house. Architects usually plan several items in one area at once in large country houses, spacious apartments, especially if the area offers a good view of the city or landscape. Several windows will logically appear also after combining the kitchen or dining room with the living room.

How to make the right choice

So, how to choose windows and doors that will look perfect in your house? Here are several recommendations for you to consider. We recommend that you pay attention to three main points:

  • height and proportions of window openings;
  • the width of the walls between them;
  • the purpose of the area in which the openings will be located.

Speaking about how to choose doors, it’s essential to pay attention to their design (it must look harmonious with the overall design), functionality, location of doors (a designer will help you with it) for you to feel maximally comfortable.

The location

In modern high-rise buildings and private cottages, there are many options for placing both doors and windows. For example, windows may be placed:

  • symmetrically on one wall;
  • big and small on one wall;
  • on two perpendicular walls;
  • one window (or solid glazing) in a bay window or on a curvature, the second on the wall;
  • corner glazing – located on perpendicular walls, placed close to the corner;
  • all kinds of combinations of simple or panoramic products and door blocks;
  • in exceptional cases, there are windows on opposite walls.

Options for placing doors are also diverse. It depends on numerous factors, like the number of rooms, their location, etc. The thing we can say for sure is that our specialists will help you to select the ideal solution.

The advantages

The advantages of a living room with two windows are the following:

  • More light enters the house, which makes it possible to use bright and dark colors when decorating.
  • A bright area visually looks more spacious and higher.
  • Such rooms most often have the shape of a square or rectangle with a large width. Zones of this shape look spacious, a person feels more psychologically comfortable there.
  • In a room with two windows, it is more convenient to perform zoning – there two light sources that are already dividing the room into parts.
  • Two light sources allow you to create an unusual interior that will certainly surprise all your guests.
  • If a magnificent view opens up outside, this is an additional plus: people like to be closer to nature. Observing nature has a calming effect on the nervous system and promotes good rest. If the windows are large or panoramic, this is a huge plus.

Multiple doors provide great sound isolation and help to keep the warmth. Besides, they even help to organize the space in some cases.

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