Why Should You Choose a Taxi Booking App Development Company?

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle and technological advancements have made us highly dependent on mobile apps to do daily tasks. Be it food delivery or grocery shopping, mobile apps have made almost everything easier than ever before. Similarly, in the transportation sector, cab booking apps are also playing a significant role in transforming the traditional way of taxi availing services. 

The market of cab booking app development is extremely competitive. Nowadays, several ride-sharing companies are releasing their mobile applications to enhance customer convenience. Therefore, to stay ahead of your competitors, you should hire a taxi booking app development company that will help you create an app for taxi services with very lucrative features and functionalities. In this blog, we will discuss all aspects of taxi application development and major factors. 

Taxi Booking App Market Statistics

Many ridesharing or cab booking services are rapidly launching their application in the market to enhance customers convenience. According to the research, the overall revenue in the taxi segment and ride-hailing is predicted to reach up to 330.80 billion USD by the end of this year. 

This revenue is also projected to show a growth rate of 3.46% annually (CAGR 2023 to 2027). This results in an estimated market volume of 379 billion USD by 2027. Take a closer look at the numerical insights about the cab booking application landscape.

Year Revenue
2017 259 billion USD
2018 267.9 billion USD
2019 271.2 billion USD
2020 183.5 billion USD
2021 207.3 billion USD
2022 276.4 billion USD
2023 332.5 billion USD
2024 346.3 billion USD
2025 359.2 billion USD
2026 368.8 billion USD
2027 378.8 billion USD

Features of a Taxi Booking App

Taxi booking apps have completely transformed the traditional ways of availing taxis or cabs. If you are planning to build this type of app, you need to focus on some advanced and unique features that will help you stay on top of the competition & boost your user base. Key features of taxi booking applications include: 

  1. Pickup & Drop Details: This is one of the essential features of a booking taxi app that effectively helps drivers and passengers find the right place for pick up or drop. With this feature, the users can easily specify pickup & drop locations and get the exact value of the estimated fare. This unique feature makes online cab booking easy in this digital age that allows users to move from one place to another with just a single click.
  2. Geolocation: Geolocation or GPS tracking is a boon for taxi booking apps that helps taxi drivers explore and find out the right location of the passengers. For instance, this feature automatically sets the pickup point and gives drivers the easiest way to reach the passengers. Moreover, when the users open the app to book a cab, the app will take the current location automatically if the mobile GPS is on. 
  3. Confirmation & Cancellation: This is one of the essential features that help users and drivers effectively. It allows users to send confirmed booking requests to nearby cabs. After that, the sending request notify the driver & based on the availability, the driver will either accept the ride or cancel it. Once the driver confirms the request, the user will receive essential cab details like vehicle model, number, driver’s name, and contact details. This feature makes the online booking process flexible.
  4. Real-time Tracking: This is also a GPS tracking feature that gives the live status of the cab driver’s location & activities. As a user, once you book a cab, this feature will help you track the live location of your driver seamlessly. Moreover, this feature also allows users to share their live locations with their family and friends. Real-time tracking makes online taxi services more transparent, safe, and user-friendly. 
  5. Multiple Payment Options: Multiple payment modes are extensively used in every online service, from online cab booking to e-commerce solutions. Cab booking applications usually support a number of payment options such as cash payments, online banking, debit/credit cards, mobile wallets, and more. Some of the crucial benefits of multiple payment options include 
  • Quicker payment
  • Secured transactions
  • Wallet promotions
  • Ride fare automation
  • Cost efficiency
  • Streamlined cash flow

Interfaces of Cab Booking Development

When you plan for taxi booking app development services, you need to focus on three major panels – the user panel, the driver panel, and the admin panel. Each panel has a set of interfaces, features, and functionalities that make the app feature-rich and convenient. Take a closer look at the panel-wise interfaces:

User Panel

This panel is exclusively designed and developed for app users or passengers. A number of features and functionalities are integrated with this panel that makes the online cab booking experience more convenient. The main interfaces of a user panel include: 

  • User login & sign-up
  • Create & manage user profile
  • On-demand cab booking
  • View the estimated time for cab arrival
  • Real-time tracking
  • Easy billing & payment options
  • Push notifications, SMS, and emails alerts
  • Rate & feedback
  • View rates & cab options
  • Add multiple Stops
  • Responsive UI & smooth navigation
  • Auto-generated bill
  • View cab booking history
  • Promo codes & referral rewards
  • Invoice details

Driver Panel

Driver panels are designed to make the operation seamless, secure, and convenient. This panel has a unique homepage where drivers easily check all the booking requests from the users & they can respond to the request with decline or acceptance based on their availability. Interfaces for the driver panel include:

  • Update users’ availability 
  • Accept or cancel booking requests
  • Push notifications
  • GPS feature and trip info
  • Cab sharing option
  • Track earnings
  • In-app chat and call with users
  • Live map navigation
  • View reviews & ratings
  • Automated fare estimation
  • Multilingual support
  • Check trip routes
  • Accept payments (online/offline modes)

Admin Panel 

This panel is designed and developed to manage the whole cab booking business operation including the user and driver panel. It helps to track drivers’ activities, cab locations, real-time status, and more. The admin panel also helps to keep the process streamlined & integrate CRM to administrate the information. Moreover, this panel makes a bridge between other panels to give quick responses to the app users. Interfaces for the admin panel include:

  • Secure Login
  • Admin dashboard
  • Currency & language settings
  • View or manage drivers
  • Cab availability and scheduling
  • View trip routes
  • Manage offers and discounts
  • Track cabs and drivers
  • View & manage drivers’ reviews & feedback
  • Generate reports for transactions & revenue
  • Control geolocation boundary

Final Words

Online cab booking is one of the most trending ones. Rapidly increasing fuel charges and traffic are encouraging today’s people to book cabs or taxis instead of using their own vehicles. So, if you would like to build an app for taxi services, you should focus on the above-mentioned features and functionalities. While a number of similar apps are available in the app store, creating a unique one is necessary to dominate the market. If you would like to know more about cab booking app development, get in touch with our experts.