Why should you choose AHCA for online CPR certification?

Saving another life is one of the noblest things you can do. Taking a CPR certification is a good start if you wish to help others and help people in need. This course grants you the license and knowledge to help a cardiac arrest patient. The American HealthCare Academy brings you some of the most exciting courses in lifesaving skills. Their certification for CPR comes from experienced tutors. This article talks about AHCA and the courses this group provides.

What makes a CPR Certification from AHCA stand out? 

The CPR certification offered by the American HealthCare Academy stands out. The group aims to help people learn lifesaving skills to prevent casualties. Their courses provide people with the power to help others and fulfill their role as Good Samaritans. The company wants people to understand the human body better. By doing so, they can save the lives of strangers with confidence. The below-given reasons make the certification for CPR stand out.

  1. The CPR courses provided by the AHCA are comprehensive. The course gives you the knowledge needed to help a person revive from a cardiac arrest. It teaches you the detailed basics of CPR and its use.
  2. Their CPR certification is easy to understand. Most people can understand the course material without any help. They also have interactive videos to help you remember the steps of CPR.
  3. AHCA’s CPR certification is affordable. The prices of their certification courses fall within the budget of a 12th grader. The best part is they also offer EMI options. By taking this route, you only spend a limited amount each month.
  4. If you want to find a convenient certification, go for AHCA. You can take the course online or in person. Online courses offer self-paced learning. This method is ideal for college/school students and working professionals.
  5. The AHCA offers a nationally recognized certification. With their certification, you can practice CPR anywhere across the country. The group also has a list of employers that recognized their courses.
  6. American HealthCare Academy’s CPR certification is up-to-date. They provide CPR renewal courses for people with older certifications. The institute regularly updates its modules.
  7. They have tutors from recognized institutes like AHA. The course put together by them also follows the OSHA and AHA guidelines.

What courses does AHCA provide? 

There are many courses available across the internet related to first aid. However, you must focus on the right approach to gain maximum benefit. The American HealthCare Academy offers a wide range of courses. You should pick the one that fulfills your requirement. You can earn an accredited certification and practice its teachings anywhere nationwide. The below-mentioned courses are easily accessible on the AHCA website.

  1. First Aid Courses: The group provides a comprehensive course on first aid. This course looks into basic emergencies like choking, cuts, and falls. You also learn about allergy-related issues and details on breathing difficulties.
  2. Healthcare provider CPR: This course is exclusively for healthcare providers. Besides teaching CPR, it examines bag and mask techniques for assisted breathing.
  3. CPR/AED Courses: This is their introductory course for bystanders. It teaches all three types of CPR techniques. You also learn the use of AED.
  4. CPR+First Aid Combo: First aid and CPR course Mississauga are a combination course talking about both aspects.
  5. HIPAA: Through their course on HIPAA, you can learn the details of handling critical medical information.
  6. Bloodborne Pathogens: Their Bloodborne pathogens course follows the OSHA guidelines. It talks about handling these dangerous pathogens without causing an outbreak.
  7. Healthcare Provider Combo: It is a course for people in the medical field. You learned in detail about the courses mentioned above in this one course.
  8. ACLS Certification and Recertification: You can take this course if you are an emergency healthcare provider. You can renew it with this course. 
  9. PALS Certification and Recertification: The group also provides a PALS certification for Pediatric emergencies.

What makes CPR the best course to take?

If you do not have experience helping people in fatal emergencies, start with CPR. CPR is one of the best certification courses for beginners. This course brings you face-to-face with a cardiac arrest patient. Once you learn all the steps of CPR, you gain immense confidence to face any severity in life. The below-mentioned reasons make a CPR certification the most valuable choice.

  1. Learning CPR is a life-saving skill that requires a basic understanding of human anatomy. The course is easy enough for a 7th grader to understand.
  2. CPR can help to restore breathing and circulation of oxygenated blood to the brain. You can use it in various situations, like drowning and choking.
  3. CPR is not the definitive treatment for cardiac arrest. But by helping a person with CPR, you add extra minutes to their life. It gives them time to survive until medical help arrives.
  4. Taking a CPR course will teach you the skills to recognize a cardiac or breathing emergency and how to respond. CPR is not only about helping a person after cardiac arrest. You can use your skills in a preventive manner as well. 
  5. Knowing CPR can help to reduce stress. Imagine the scene in a house where someone collapses to the floor over dinner. There will be screams and panic all around. In such a critical situation, the CPR courses teach you to remain calm and help the patient first.
  6. CPR training can increase your understanding of first aid overall.
  7. You do not need any equipment to deliver CPR. Once you master the skill, you can perform this technique anywhere nationwide without a tool. 
  8. Some people need more confidence to walk up to a stranger and communicate. Taking a CPR course could be life-changing for you. By taking a CPR course, you can also work on your skills.
  9. An accredited CPR course looks good on your resume. It could help you change your profession or climb the corporate ladder faster.


The American HealthCare Academy provides easy-to-complete courses. Their certification for CPR is self-paced. It allows students to complete the course in their own time. Furthermore, their courses are comprehensive and up-to-date. Not only that, but the online course also offers hands-on practice in the form of virtual simulations. With the American HealthCare Academy, you can explore various courses. Log onto the AHCA website and start your first-aid journey today.

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