Why Should You Consider a Shaft Drive E-bike?

Today most people who live and work in cities prefer to replace their vehicles and buy an electric bike, then you’d better consider chainless & folding shaft drive bike from Honbike, the company is currently the top e-bike brands focusing on chainfree design.

Today we will examine the reasons why you should better invest in an e-bike like the Honbike. It comes with such emerging technology that is hard to resist even when you are a novice biker. Once you have ridden the Honbike, there is no way back to any other bike that will not give you the electric motor and shaft drive experience you have with this one.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of knowing more about this shaft-driven electric bicycle. It will not only change your life for a better future but also increase your health index.

It’s Cheaper Than Regular Bikes on the Long Run

Getting a shaft drive bicycle may seem like investing a lot of money to get it. Of course, when you compare the Honbike price to one of any regular bikes, you could buy it with the same money. However, in the long run, you need a lot less maintenance with the Honbike models, and that makes you certain that you will spend less money on mechanics and other people who want to take your money and replace the random parts of the bike. You will not have such an experience at Honbike, and the manufacturers guarantee that.

Shaft Drive Makes It Easier to Ride in the City Center

It’s a lot easier to ride the Honbike HF01 in the city center than any other bike. That happens thanks to Honbike’s Monotork shaft drive that is so easy to use and can keep your speed steady when you need to be close to other cars and riders in the busy city streets. You will have your attention on the traffic, and that helps you a lot when you want to commute from home to work and vice versa. It is also impressive that HF01 is foldable and extremely easy to park and store when you finally reach your city center destination. It’s the best means of transportation to have when you want to reach the inner city limits that cars and motorcycles cannot easily access.

There is a Better Warranty Coming with Honbike

At Honbike, you will have the e-bike offered to you with a two-year warranty, giving you the assurance that the manufacturer will replace most of the expensive parts of the bike in case of a malfunction. That is extremely important since the warranty is valid for the electric motor too. It makes you become free of mind for any damage that could happen when you ride your bike. Also, the company provides a 40000 KM+ maintenance free service for this shaft drive bike. That places a new and additional incentive on potential buyers to come closer to Honbike and essentially decide to buy one for their city commutes and more.

Shaft Drive Makes You More Confident of Retaining Stability

The stability you get on the Honbike HF01 is exceptional. That means you can expect the Honbike users and riders to be a lot more confident when they ride this bike compared to any other you will find on the market. The shaft drive makes it a lot easier and smoother to change the gears and gives you only the right speed according to the course you follow in the busy city streets. You could be the controller of what happens when you ride your bike, having the assistance from the shaft drive that is there to make things easier for you.

Batteries Are More Efficient and Lightweight

Coming to the domain of batteries and the electric motor, you can say that Honbike has reached excellence. The batteries are made with the Li-Ion technology that has nothing to do with the older gel batteries that seem now outdated. These batteries can keep more charges inside no matter the outer temperature. That helps riders estimate the required time to reach their destination safely and when it would be more convenient to use the pedals and send some more energy to the battery cells. The lower battery weight also increases the bike’s stability and makes people eager to ride that bike.

Shaft Drive Technology Means Easier Stepping on the Pedals

People who like to take advantage of the electric ride will no more need to step on the pedals when they ride the Honbike shaft-driven e-bike. That is valid because the shaft drive technology saves energy all the time and makes you step on the pedals a lot rarer compared to normal bikes. That gives you the assurance you can take your bike for a longer ride and ensures you will be less tired when you finally park it. There is nothing you can’t do with your shaft drive electric bicycle that can preserve your energy and make you an easier riding.

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