Why Should You Secure Electronic Devices With an Extended Warranty Insurance Cover?

Picture this: to beat the rising summer heat you, plan for an ice-cream feast for the entire family on a weekend. With seasonal fruits and fresh cream whipped and ready to be frozen, you open the refrigerator door, and its light flashes, and all of a sudden it goes dark. You check the master switch of your home to realize a sudden fluctuation in electric current killed the compressor of the refrigerator. Wouldn’t it be disheartening to know your reliable refrigerator needs repair and the costs are not minor? To be prepared for these times, extended warranty insurance comes to the rescue.

While appliance manufacturers provide limited warranties for their products, you have the option to extend the warranty beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period. Since these home appliances make your life easy with your busy work schedule, a broken refrigerator or washing machine or dishwasher can make things hard for you. Here are some reasons why you consider investing in extended warranty covers –

#1 Minimal cost:

It is given that home appliances also need maintenance. Although not as frequent as your bike or car, but after some years, they start to encounter a few hiccups. If ignored and not paid due attention to these minor problems, these appliances can stop functioning as intended. So, it is advisable to invest in a protection cover in the form of an extended warranty. These extended warranty covers are available at a fraction of the cost which otherwise would be required for repairs. Insurance companies that provide these extended warranty benefits have a professional network of service centers that look after the repairs of your gadgets.

#2 Flexibility of coverage:

Extended warranty covers can be tailored to suit your needs. Say, you have a specific list of appliances you want to include. It can be customized to fit you right. Moreover, the repair and service network offered by your insurer ensures you have to face minimum downtime for your convenience-offering appliances.

#3 Fast processing of repairs:

Using an extended warranty cover can ensure swift processing of repairs without having to deal with the hassle of contacting the manufacturer for first check-up and then follow-up for its repairs. This insurance cover eliminates all these hassles and provides one-stop solution for all your repair woes.

#4 Free of cost home visit in case of a claim:

Some general insurance plans that offer this extended warranty feature also include the cost of home visit in your claim process. While manufacturer’s separately bill you for their home visit services, insurance companies generally bundle this service.

#5 Coverage equivalent to invoice amount:

Lastly, buying extended warranty insurance cover helps to protect your gadget right up to its invoice value. Any repairs required within its invoice value are covered under your policy coverage. This way, you need not think about how much coverage to opt for adequate insurance coverage of your home appliance.

So, remember not everyone buys an extended warranty cover, but those who buy definitely reap its benefits. Make sure you take advantage of this additional insurance coverage offered by your insurance company and safeguard your appliances.

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