Why Social And Emotional Learning Is Essential For Students

Children all learn in their own way but the base of their learning is most definitely emotional. Since schools nowadays have a diverse student body from different countries, cultures and economic classes, the best way to teach them is to tap into their emotional learning.

Taking things a step further, adding social learning to the equation will allow students to all be inspired to do good towards others and promote better citizenship. And when students have an SEL based education, it provides a safe and positive learning environment.

In this article, I will go over some of the benefits of using SEL materials and methods in your classroom.


Much like organized sports, SEL methods help a student identify their strengths and weaknesses. It also helps them to figure out their goals and then gives them the tools to achieve them.

All of these things come from a high degree of self-awareness that is taught through the SEL method. It allows the student to look inward and identify their thoughts and emotions and then understand how they connect with actions.

Seeing this in action will also help the student become an optimist as they see that their emotions and ideas are able to propel them to achieve their goals. All while grounding the child with a strong sense of self.


Using emotional learning is great but only when one can regulate those emotions and harness them to further their understanding of things. It takes self-management to tie all the ideals together. This requires some discipline to delay self-gratification.

Being able to understand why they make the decisions that they do is a big first step in aiding them with the ability to regulate themselves to achieve their goals without getting sidetracked or even derailed.

It takes a lot of determination to control certain impulses and persevere to get to the next steps in achieving goals whether they are educational or otherwise.

Social awareness

Being self-aware is a very good trait but it has to be balanced with a certain social awareness, as well. Empathizing with others usually comes naturally to small children, but it can get lost as they grow due to societal and cultural pressures.

Think about how babies seek to soothe another crying baby or when a small child cries while watching a cartoon in which a character is treated poorly. This is an innate trait that many have before it becomes dull over time.

SEL methods will allow them to relearn to be empathetic to others and understand where they are coming from.

Relationship skills

All of these skills come together to allow them to make bonds with other people and develop their relationship skills. Without these skills, it would be difficult to develop rewarding relationships with others.

They do this through exercises that teach them how to communicate clearly, and actively listen to others. Conflicts are easily settled when relationships are created using these skills.

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